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Navigation Shortcuts in Microsoft Excel That Will Save You Time

Using the following easy navigation shortcuts in Microsoft Excel will save you a lot of time. Learn more about these 5 navigation shortcuts.

Navigation Shortcuts in Microsoft Excel That Will Save You Time

One of the ways to save time in Excel is by taking advantage of the easy navigation shortcuts. Here are some navigation shortcuts to save you time.

Ctrl + End

The first shortcut you have to know is the ctrl + end key. The shortcut moves you to the bottom right corner of your worksheet whether it’s 100 rows or 10,000 rows. If you find that you move beyond the last point of data in your worksheet, then you should delete some extra rows and columns leftover from the previous work.

Ctrl + Home

The shortcut takes you to the upper left corner of your worksheet to cell A1. If you have enabled freeze panes, however, this will take you to the first available active cell. You can move around your current data range.

Ctrl + Arrows Keys

The control and the arrow keys move you to different locations in the worksheet.

  • Ctrl + down arrow — To move to the bottom cell of the column, you’ll use the control key combined with the down arrow key. This will only stop if there was a blank cell somewhere in between.
  • Ctrl + up arrow — It moves you to the top cell in the column.
  •  Ctrl+ right arrow — It moves you to the right cell in the row.
  •  Ctrl + left arrow — It will move you to the very beginning of the row.

Home Tab

To get to the beginning of the row, hit the home key. To be more specific with your navigation, use the go-to option. This is available in three different ways. The name box which is just to the left of your formula bar is a great place to navigate from an existing range name to a cell address. For instance, if you type in G50 and hit enter, Excel moves you to that specific location.

Ctrl + G or F5

Another way to use go-to is to bring up the go-to dialog box and that’s either from the F5 function key or control key + G. For go to, you can specify the location you want to move to. You would also see any range names listed here and once again. If you want to go to cell H75, simply hit enter okay excel will move to that location. Go to option and choose special. It’s an excellent way to highlight specific parts of an Excel worksheet whether they’re blank cells, conditional formats, or maybe places where you have data validation.

When you have very detailed complex data, this is a great option for auditing to make sure that you have formulas in all the places where you expected it versus some raw entry. With a complex worksheet, you can highlight where there are formulas. Your next step might be to format the cells to make it easier to audit or confirm that formulas are in every place they should be within your worksheet.

You’ve seen how you can save time and effort by using handy navigation shortcuts in Excel. You can contact us for IT services and consulting.