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Microsoft Azure Services and Consulting

Azure cloud platforms offer numerous solutions and services that accomplish complicated tasks involved in managing your IT infrastructure. Using Microsoft Azure Cloud platform you can build, deploy and manage the most complex applications and services using the super fast and cost-efficient Microsoft cloud technologies.

Benefit from these easy to implement cloud solutions offered by Microsoft Azure by migrating many of your on-premise solutions to the Microsoft Cloud platform. Enjoy usage-based charges and scalability of Microsoft Azure platform with K2 Technologies, the most trusted partner for managing Microsoft Cloud technologies.

Microsoft Azure Support

Even with a current uptime of 99.995%, Microsoft Azure developers are not resting on their laurels — they continue to push for greater reliability and better service. Microsoft’s engineers are deploying hot patching, live migrations and additional redundancies to reduce network downtime, a move that is celebrated by companies utilizing Microsoft Azure support. At each stage of its evolution, Microsoft Azure continues to be proven as a highly evolved option for companies that need cloud solutions.

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Microsoft Azure Migrations

Shifting from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud is a big decision and one that companies do not make lightly. As one of the top cloud computing solutions, Microsoft Azure is the choice of many mid-size to large organizations that are already invested in other Microsoft platforms and Windows technology. While relatively straightforward in terms of configuration, there are still hundreds of decisions that must be made correctly during the setup of your Azure cloud instance or you may discover security flaws or business limitations further down the road from your Microsoft Azure migration activities. Fortunately, you can obtain affordable migration assistance from the professionals at K² Technologies for local small businesses to national enterprises. Our teams help ensure that each decision made throughout your Azure migration journey will support your business goals and objectives both now and in the future.

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Microsoft Azure vs. Rackspace

When you are looking for an easy way to manage public or private cloud deployments, there are only a few names that pop to the top of our collective consciousness: Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, Google Cloud and Amazon AWS. When you consider Microsoft Azure and Rackspace separately, you’ll find that there is a range of differences between the two options that require care and consideration before determining which components are needed to support your business. Rackspace has been providing traditional remote hosting support for company data centers for years, and now supports public and private cloud deployments on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and even Amazon AWS. While Microsoft is considered to be easier to use and more scalable, Rackspace cloud servers are often praised by developers and IT administrators for fast and reliable cloud servers as well as excellent customer support. See how these two options stack up against each other in terms of features, pricing and ease of use.

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Microsoft Azure vs. Google Cloud

The cloud ecosystem is alive and well, with more than one-third of company IT budgets going to cloud-based solutions and storage in recent years. As two of the three most significant cloud computing companies in the world, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud both offer unique benefits for organizations. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that will work for every organization, which is why it’s vital to take the time to fully explore each of the critical cloud options and find whether Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud has the right mix of components for your enterprise. With Microsoft Azure capturing 16% of the global cloud market and Google Cloud controlling 8%, finding the most efficient and cost-effective Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering for hosting your hardware, software and storage solutions continues to be a complex balancing act for companies.

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Talk to K² Technologies and let our team of Microsoft Cloud professionals guide you through each step your organization needs to take for a successful Microsoft Azure and Cloud migration. We will review your IT environment, determine your business readiness for Azure and create a roadmap towards a seamless transition.

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