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Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google G Suite

Finding the right office productivity software is a key consideration for modern businesses. Which option has the best tools and access for your unique needs?  

Which is Right for My Office: Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google G Suite?

Finding the right office productivity software is a key consideration for modern businesses. Which option has the best tools and access for your unique needs?  

When you’re looking for office productivity solutions, two key suites come to mind: Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite. Both options contain a wide range of software that will help keep your business moving smoothly forward, with a reliable infrastructure and flexible options for the modern workforce. While the base operations may seem the same between the two software suites, there are fundamental differences in the approach to cloud architecture and app design. You must understand these distinctions before deciding on which office productivity suite is right for your business.

Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite

Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google G Suite

Starting with the similarities, it’s easy to see why these solutions are the top of the pack in terms of office productivity software such as word processing, analytical tools, presentation software, and business email applications. Both services include easy-to-use tools for administrators such as web-based management consoles and support models that include external reseller support as well as internal management of the platforms. Google G Suite is a more streamlined and simplified solution that consists of the most well-known of the office productivity suite tools while also reducing the complexity of their plans. While it can be challenging to perform a head-to-head comparison of the two options, the core characteristic to consider is how the software is implemented: web-based only or web-based plus desktop.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is what many would consider the traditional option for enterprises and large businesses, able to scale and with arguably the most extensive install base effectively. This also means that current staff and new employees are likely to be familiar with Microsoft Office tools and require little to no training to become productive in their daily tasks. One way that Microsoft Office 365 is different is the ability to install applications on a desktop or laptop PC as opposed to merely working through a browser window as you will with G Suite. Plus, Microsoft tools have more extensive features for business analysis with access to Microsoft Excel for pivot tables and PowerBI for dashboarding. Office 365 also includes up to 1,000 GB of storage, secure web-based emails, and calendaring and robust mobile applications with enhanced security included.

Google G Suite

Google G Suite may be considered the “start-up solution” for smaller businesses, but the usage of G Suite at the enterprise level has been expanding in recent years. One main difference between the two productivity solutions is that G Suite considers a shared amount of storage per user for their email and document or file storage. In contrast, Microsoft’s storage is defined separately. You’ll find many of the same collaboration tools within G Suite, such as real-time co-editing of documents. Where G Suite truly excels is for integrations between Google Drive and many other applications already in use by small to mid-size businesses.

Microsoft Office 365 Consulting By K² Technologies

While Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G Suite may seem similar on the first pass, the nuanced differences between the platforms could make — or break — productivity within your office. The Microsoft Certified experts at K² Technologies can work closely with your technical and business teams to ensure you have the information necessary to make a reasoned decision. We work with organizations of all sizes from across the country to harness the power of productivity software to streamline operations and provide highly reliable and available platforms for business. Contact the K² Technologies team (307) 209-3447 for more information or to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.