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Microsoft Office 365 Training

Are your business professionals taking full advantage of the benefits that Microsoft Office 365 has to offer? Proactive training can help boost efficiencies and reduce critical gaps in communication.  

Supercharge Productivity with Microsoft Office 365 Training

Are your business professionals taking full advantage of the benefits that Microsoft Office 365 has to offer? Proactive training can help boost efficiencies and reduce critical gaps in communication.  

Successfully deploying Microsoft Office 365 technology is more than merely adding access to the software suite to your desktops and laptops and turning users loose to get started. Even the most basic training can pay off dramatically as organizations onboard new professionals that do not have the requisite level of knowledge to perform daily job functions. With a wide range of new tools and great options for collaboration in your upgraded Office 365 suite of solutions, this software is not providing value to your company if your business staff is not taking advantage of the tools. While there are plenty of training basics and quick starts available on the Microsoft Office 365 website, your company needs personalized training to truly harness the power of the solutions.

Microsoft Office 365 Training

Reduce Proficiency Gaps with Proactive Microsoft Office 365 Training

Software platforms and ways of doing business continue to evolve, making it vital for individuals to retain and even expand their current skill set. The importance of collaboration continues to grow, and advanced tools within Microsoft Office 365 provide new ways of communicating and sharing experiences regardless of physical locations. The benefit of working with Microsoft Office 365 training experts is that they can tailor their curriculum based on the current skill level of your professionals as well as the tools that will add the most benefit to your company. While not everyone will be motivated to become a power user, it makes sense to cultivate centers of knowledge throughout your company.

Taking Advantage of New Microsoft Office 365 Functionality

One of the key benefits of cloud-based software is the ability to seamlessly pass upgrades and enhancements to users without the major disruptions that were required in the past. While there are fewer work slowdowns and time spent on patching and physically implementing the upgrades, business professionals may not even realize that there is new functionality available for them to use. While some of the updates are simple fixes of a bug or other issue, others push new options for collaboration and efficiency that can add significant value to your business. With appropriate Microsoft Office 365 training, your team will have access to the latest tools and tips to help them stay productive and boost efficiencies throughout your business.

Microsoft Office 365 Training Creates Real Business Value

In every organization, some processes frustrate professionals and customers alike. These processes may require additional manual steps or make it challenging to deliver a consistent customer experience with each interaction. When you see this type of situation occur, some organizations are unable to see that the core issue could be misuse or a lack of understanding around the core software suites that are used daily. Simple training often goes by the wayside as hiring managers assume that “everyone” knows how to print emails from Outlook, create basic Excel worksheets, and turn on tracked changes for Word documents.

When staff members are continually asking their IT department to help support these simple requests, it takes time away from the major business projects that could be delivered by your IT professionals. Creating a focused Microsoft Office 365 training curriculum and ensuring that all staff members have gained a minimal level of proficiency can reduce bottlenecks and the time required to process simple requests — increasing productivity in departments throughout your company.

Microsoft Office 365 Training Provided By K² Technologies

When you are ready to see the actual value that your business could derive from structured Microsoft Office 365 training or other Microsoft training opportunities, contact the professionals at K² Technologies (307) 209-3447 to schedule a free initial Microsoft training evaluation. Our team works extensively with organizations throughout the US to deliver secure, proactive Microsoft platforms for the modern business. From Sharepoint to OneDrive and Teams, Microsoft Office 365 contains the tools needed to connect to local and remote staff members while ensuring that user access is tightly controlled based on the needs of business units and individuals.