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Business Continuity | Microsoft Office 365

You need to know that you have a solid and secure plan in place for any type of business continuity incident. The Microsoft Office 365 experts at K² Technologies can help.  

Business Continuity with Microsoft Office 365 Ensures Consistent Operations

You need to know that you have a solid and secure plan in place for any type of business continuity incident. The Microsoft Office 365 experts at K² Technologies can help.  

Specific software platforms are critical to your operations, such as the communication and productivity tools included in Microsoft Office 365. While outages are rare, they certainly can happen, which is why companies utilize solutions to prevent any type of disruption. Whether you are utilizing Microsoft Office on-premise or in the cloud, outages can occur that will impact the performance and availability of these core platforms. Fortunately, the K² Technologies Microsoft experts have years of experience working through scenarios to ensure business continuity with Microsoft Office 365 and can help mitigate any challenges for your business, too.

Business Continuity with Microsoft Office 365

Business Continuity with Microsoft Office 365

When disaster strikes, you need to be fully confident that your solutions and your staff are prepared for any eventuality. That could mean turning on a dime to set up your teams to work from home or other remote locations during a fire, flood, or even a national epidemic. Microsoft has spent decades building up their business continuity readiness, planning for redundancies that support operations for every situation from an earthquake or flood to undersea cable damage. This is particularly important for organizations with compliance requirements or those in highly regulated industries where instant access to information is a vital component of their operational readiness. Being confident that your email and other office applications are always-on and continually available for your staff provides an added peace of mind for IT administrators and business leaders.

Data Protection in the Event of a Disruption

Cybercriminals live for disruption, looking for ways to intrude on your corporate data and resources and quickly taking action when incidents occur that might cause a break in the armor of security surrounding your organization. With Microsoft Office 365 supported by K² Technologies, you are gaining access to a wealth of additional options such as data monitoring, storage, and redundancy that will allow you to rapidly recover access to your critical information in the event of an outage. Geographically diverse data centers guard against local failures while monitoring solutions help to identify any issues that might occur in real-time. All of these solutions work together to ensure that your data is highly available as well as protected from exterior and interior forces.

Protect Business Operations with Proactive Planning

No one expects to experience an event that could fundamentally change the way you need to do business. This type of interruption causes widespread confusion and even panic, with customers wondering whether they will receive items they have ordered and paid for — and staff concerned that they cannot complete their daily activities as expected. When you have a comprehensive business continuity strategy in place, your IT and leadership team can feel much more confident that core operations will continue even under trying circumstances. However, this cannot happen without proactive planning that takes security and productivity into consideration.

Business continuity is not only needed in the event of a disaster. Planned downtime may also require you to trigger these solutions, such as during a migration or upgrade activity or during an office move. Regardless of the situation, when it’s imperative to retain operations, you need to know that your Microsoft Office 365 business continuity solution is in place and tested to perform exactly as expected. Contact the Microsoft Certified experts at K² Technologies (307) 209-3447 to schedule a complimentary consulting session or to address business continuity concerns within your enterprise.