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Microsoft Experts Support Companies of All Sizes

Trusting your IT infrastructure and core operations to an external partner is a significant risk. When you trust K² Technologies, you can be confident that our Microsoft experts are available to help anytime you need them. 

Microsoft Certified Experts are individuals that have taken the time to work through an extensive curriculum and testing procedures used to demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft architecture, services and support. This level of dedication to ongoing education requires a significant amount of effort, which is why not all IT services providers require that their teams maintain their certifications. The leadership team at K² Technologies knows that having the right resources and knowledge is how we are different from our competitors — allowing our technicians to tease out new features and implement best practices to support our clients.

Microsoft Experts In The United States

Proactive, Dedicated IT Professionals

The K² Technologies team takes pride in excellence, creating an atmosphere of competence and collaboration with each of our clients. We are continually looking for opportunities to enhance security and operational efficiency through new tools, research and solutions that we can share with our clients. Our clients often find that our proactive recommendations can save a significant amount of money, time and frustration in the future — by merely reducing the risk associated with cybersecurity and compliance activities.

Microsoft Office 365 Support Solutions Experts

Microsoft Office 365 is easily the most popular productivity software suite in the world, but there are still some companies that are using aging, standalone Microsoft Office suites. Migrating your business teams to Microsoft Office 365 allows for greater flexibility in terms of collaboration and communication without losing the security that you need for your sensitive business and customer data. Our Microsoft Certified Experts at K² Technologies can walk through the various steps involved in an upgrade or migration, helping ensure that your team is making the best business decisions at each stage of your project. This allows you to confidently move forward with a smooth implementation that reduces IT downtime and improves user adoption, too.

Experts in Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure is the premier cloud solution used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies, proving that it is well-scaled for enterprise use as well as for mid-size businesses. Companies are making the shift from on-premise or local cloud solutions to the more secure and reliable Microsoft Azure cloud to take advantage of expanded functionality, the ease of scaling services and more flexible business operations. The K² Technologies team has years of experience helping organizations of all sizes implement or upgrade Microsoft Azure solutions, seamlessly integrating your cloud compute and storage functionality with current and future solutions.

The dedicated professionals from K² Technologies have been serving the local Wyoming community and companies around the country since 2001, offering top-notch services and support for the intelligent enterprise. As a full-tier consulting organization full of Microsoft experts, you can trust that your infrastructure and business solutions will be handled with the proactive strategies you would expect from the right technology partner to your business. Whether you need support with a Microsoft Office 365 migration or are implementing Microsoft Azure, contact the K² Technologies team at (888) 686-3025 or fill out our quick online form to schedule a complimentary initial consultation for your company.