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Bennett, Weber & Hermstad Relies On K² Technologies For Over 25 Years

Bennet, Weber and Hermstad is one of the largest CPA firms in Northeast Wyoming. And, like other CPA firms in and around Jackson and Gillette, they rely on the team at K² Technologies to provide the IT Service & Support they need —This includes reliable and secure cloud solutions.

Do You Need Reliable & Secure Cloud Solutions In Wyoming?

A Large CPA Firm Has Relied On K2 Technologies For This And More For 25 Years

Bennett, Weber and Hermstad is one of the largest CPA firms in Northeast Wyoming. And, like other CPA firms in and around Jackson and Gillette, they rely on the team at K2 Technologies to provide the IT Service & Support they need —This includes reliable and secure cloud solutions.

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Tammy Hermstad, CPA from Bennet, Weber and Hermstad tells us more:

CPA IT Services“We are a CPA firm and assist our clients who are both individuals and businesses with a variety of needs–from bookkeeping services, tax return preparation, and management of trusts, to tax and estate planning, audits, reviews and compilations.

We’ve been working with the team at K2 Technologies for well over 25 years because we trust their knowledge and capabilities. Computers have always been a pain for me, but K2 can take care of any of the issues we may have. They’ve done this reliably year after year.

Recently, they completed a new server replacement using Lenovo hardware and Windows Server 2016 technology.  This was particularly unique in that we use several Thompson Reuters Creative Solutions Products.  The transition to new servers had to be seamless, and, as always, the K2 Technologies team came through for us.

They also migrated us to Microsoft Office 365 for secure email, SharePoint, and Office licensing. This is a secure cloud solution that we rely on every day.

Dan and his team at K2 are always ready to assist us when needed. They keep us up and running smoothly so we can focus on assisting our clients and their needs. I highly recommend that other CPAs and businesses in Wyoming give them a call.”

8 Reasons Why CPAs In Wyoming Rely On Cloud Solutions From K2 Technologies

Accountants and CPAs in Gillette, Jackson and other areas of Wyoming understand that the Cloud is an important component when using technology. Many are discovering that the Cloud is actually a safer IT solution for their important data than storing it onsite. And the Cloud offers a number of exclusive benefits. It can increase your staff’s productivity and help them get repetitive jobs done faster.

Why is Cloud technology recommended for CPAs? For 8 reasons:

1. Better IT Security

The Cloud provides better security than storing files on servers and hard drives. Your files will be encrypted and accessible only to your employees. Your network won’t be exposed to hackers and viruses. And, with Mobile Device Monitoring, employees can safely use their own phones and laptops without worry.

2. More Reliable Backups and Disaster Recovery

An enterprise-based cloud solution allows you to recover your entire IT infrastructure quickly–applications and all. Servers, desktops, files, and applications are all stored in a secure data center. This is essential for business continuity and disaster recovery.

3. Cloud Computing Saves Money

With cloud computing, you don’t pay upfront fees to license software. You can sign up for Microsoft Office 365, cloud-based accounting programs or whatever software you need on a per-user basis. This is a good solution for smaller CPA firms because it’s budget-friendly. Plus, you can designate these as business expenses rather than capital expenses.

4. Work From Any Device or Location

Cloud computing gives you the ability to work from home, while traveling, or at a client’s site. Your files and documents are in the Cloud, so they’re available when and where you need them. Your staff will always have access to the most recent edits on any document.

Take advantage of a variety of hosted cloud solutions including:

  • Hosted Microsoft SharePoint: With SharePoint, you can create a secure and customizable online portal to promote teamwork and simplify collaboration.
  • Hosted Microsoft QuickBooks: Easy-to-use, even for new employees.
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange: Exchange ensures the reliability and security of your emails.
  • Custom Application Hosting: Custom application hosting is a tailor-made support system aligned with your unique business needs.

5. Better Document Control

When you store and edit documents in the Cloud, your files are stored in a central location, so your staff has access to the most up-to-date version. Document control is much easier with the right cloud solutions. Collaboration on documents is simplified.

6. Cloud Solutions Are Scalable

CPAs and accounting firms are usually swamped during tax season; then things slow down during other parts of the year. Because you pay for cloud solutions on a per-user basis, you can readily adjust them. You can scale up your cloud solutions in busy times or scale them down when you don’t need them–no need to waste money on services you don’t currently require.

7. Increased Competitiveness

Your firm will be more competitive when you use cloud computing solutions. If you run a small CPA firm, you can access enterprise-class technology that larger businesses use but at a more reasonable price. With pay-per-user applications, you can better compete. Cloud computing will also enhance your operational efficiencies so you can deliver services faster.

8. You Can Focus On Your CPA Business

Cloud technology streamlines so many procedures while improving overall efficiency. CPAs and Accounting Firms in Wyoming now have more time to focus on serving their clients and growing their business.

To learn more about cloud technology for your CPA firm or other business in Wyoming, schedule a free no-obligation review of your IT needs by contacting K2 Technologies.

In the meantime, stay up to date on business IT. Visit the K2 Blog.