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Chats and Channels: How to Pin in Microsoft Teams

You likely have people or projects that you frequently interact with more than others. Pin your chats and channels in Microsoft Teams.

Chats and Channels: How to Pin in Microsoft Teams

When you work in Microsoft Teams, you likely have certain people or projects you interact with more than others. To save time and effort, you can pin your chats and channels.

Pinning a Chat

Pinning is a great way to keep track of a chat, especially if you regularly communicate with numerous people in your organization.

To pin the chat, simply highlight the chat, choose “more options” (or the three dots on the right-hand side of the chat), and select “pin” from the drop-down menu. This conversation will now be at the top of your chat regardless of any other conversations that come in.

Once you pin multiple chats, you can arrange them in order of priority by dragging each one to the position you desire. You can pin a maximum of 15 chats.

To unpin a chat, click on “more options” once again and select “unpin.”

Pinning a Channel

You can also save time and effort by pinning your most used channels. Keeping your primary channels organized at the top of your list will keep you from having to hunt them down. This is especially helpful if you work with a variety of teams or projects regularly.

To pin the channel, hover over the channel or item you want to pin, select “more options” and scroll down to choose “pin.” All of your pinned channels will appear at the top of your teams list. 

Just as with chats, once you pin several channels, you can drag them into any order you want.

If you no longer need that channel pinned, once again select “more options” and click “unpin.”

Now you can boost your efficiency by pinning the chats and channels with which you interact most. If you need support with Microsoft Technologies, feel free to contact us.