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Creating Bookmarks in a Document

In today’s video, Dawn gives you a spectacular visual breakdown from start to finish about creating Bookmarks and a few other tricks up her sleeve.

Microsoft Word Tip: Creating Bookmarks in a Document

Key Points:

  • A visual breakdown of bookmarks from start to finish
  • How to create your Bookmark in a Word Document
  • This Go-To feature helps you find your Bookmark
  • How to search and delete your Bookmark
  • This resource can help you be more productive

If you’re like most Microsoft Word users, the more convenient it is to use, the more you’ll like using it. Take, for example, Bookmark features inside the software. It works like a paper bookmark, so you can return and find where you left off quickly.

In today’s video, Dawn gives you a spectacular visual breakdown from start to finish about creating Bookmarks and a few other tricks up her sleeve. You’ll quickly discover how to create, find, and delete your bookmarks in your Word document.

How to Create Your Bookmark In A Word Document

Adding a bookmark to your Word documents is quick and easy and only needs a few mouse clicks. With this feature, you can bookmark an image, your text, or a specific location.

You can select an item or set your cursor exactly where your Bookmark needs inserted.

Click on the Insert tab. Click the Bookmark option in the Links section.

Once the pop-up window appears, enter a name in the Bookmark name section. Do note: the name must begin with a letter followed by numbers, letters, or both. Just remember, Word does not allow words to be separate, but using an underscore between words is permitted.

Next, click Add.

Now you have created a bookmark in your Word document.

How To Find Your Bookmark

To locate your bookmarks click on the Home tab. On the ribbon, locate the Find icon and click its down arrow.

You should see the “Go To…” option.

Click it on, and a window should appear.

In the “Go to what” section, select Bookmark.

You will see the “Enter bookmark name” section to the right. Now begin typing the name, or if you know the Bookmark you want, select it.

Now click the “Go To” button.

Once you have finished, click Close.

That immediately takes you to the Bookmark.

How To Delete Your Bookmark

Deleting your Bookmark is as simple as creating one.

At the top of the ribbon, click on the Insert tab.

In the Links section, click on Bookmark.

Below the “Bookmark name:” section will be your list of bookmarks you’ve created.

Select the one you want to be removed from your list and click the “Delete” button.

Do note once you delete the Bookmark, you are not asked to confirm your choice.

K2 Technologies Can Help You Create Bookmarks

Creating Bookmarks in a document is easy once you know how to do it. Finding them and deleting them is just as simple. However, if you have any problems or concerns about this or any other Microsoft Word features, we can help you.

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