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How to Change Display Settings in Windows 10

Dan King of K² Technologies recently alerts his Wyoming client base and the general public to the transformative power of Windows 10 display settings.


One of the most remarkable things about Windows 10 and other modern operating systems for personal computers is their extreme versatility and capacity for customization. Even people who use Windows 10 on a daily basis often fail to realize that it can be significantly altered and fine-tuned to meet their exact wants and needs

As a case in point, I recently released a video to alert our Wyoming client base and the general public to the transformative power of Windows 10 display settings. Perhaps the most fantastic thing about these display settings is just how easy they are to access and play with.

A standard part of the right-click menu box on any Windows 10 device, the display settings tab is easy to access directly from your desktop. After right clicking and scrolling down to “Display Settings,” a single click will lead you to all sorts of ways that you can select, rearrange, and alter the applications and online materials that appear on your computer screen.

To keep things as simple as possible, I recommend starting with the exceedingly easy-to-use features that tend to help the most people get the very best out of their display:

  • Night Light – By scrolling down on the “Display” window past probes to select, rearrange, and alter the color of your display, you will find a simple on/off switch that bears the label “Night Light.” Although it defaults to the off position, this feature can significantly aid in nighttime reading and viewing by automatically dimming your display to complement better the dimmer ambient light that surrounds you. You’ll be amazed at just how much your eyes will thank you after you tone down your blindingly bright screen in your darkened room. And you will be even more surprised that you accomplished all of this with the click of a single button.
  • Resolution – Let’s face it. Small print becomes more and more difficult to read as we age. Corrective lenses and surgery can help tremendously, but sometimes we can benefit most by simply choosing reading materials with larger print. Well, did you know that you can program your computer to deliver print in almost any size? Through the display settings in Windows 10, you can as much as double the size of text, apps, and other items that appear on your screen. Just scroll down past the “Scale and Layout” heading and click the box that controls your basic scaling settings. You can choose among several size-boosting settings to make your onscreen text and images virtually any size that you wish. Just keep in mind that some apps and websites work better than others with these display settings. In any event, any changes that you make can be easily reversed, so I encourage you to play around with your display until you arrive at the specific configuration that works best for you. For added control and variable options, try experimenting with the features under the “Advanced Scaling Settings” tab.

Whether you’re looking for help with your computer display or any other issue, K2 Technologies is the place to go for Windows 10 support in Wyoming. My team at the K2 home offices in Gillette are eager to show you just what this fantastic operating system can do for you, your family, and your business.

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