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Ten Awesome Reasons To Invest In A Hosted Cloud Phone System In 2019

Cloud-based phone service is transforming the way small businesses handle communications. This type of phone service can save you money and a lot more.

Hosted Phone Services

Internet phone service, VoIP, has been a popular option for residential phone customers for more than a decade and is allowing them to increase the reliability of their service and pay less by “cutting” those traditional landline phone cables. Internet phone service is cloud-based and operates via the Internet rather than traditional phone lines. However, Internet phone service is not just suited for homeowners. This type of phone service offers a myriad of benefits for businesses of all sizes and industries. If you’re undecided about whether to make a move to VoIP phone service, consider the following advantages:

Benefits of investing in a cloud phone system

1. Much lower startup costs

Perhaps the best reason for switching to a cloud-based Internet communications system is the low start-up costs. Unlike a traditional phone system, you don’t have to invest in a massive phone box, server and headsets and phone models that were often locked into a particular provider. All you have to have for Internet phone service is Internet service and a VoIP-enabled phone or headset for each station.

2. Lower monthly bills (and no surprise charges)

You won’t just save money on the initial costs when you switch to a cloud-based phone system. Your monthly bills will be significantly less also. As an example, a five-line office in New York City will pay $563 per month for traditional, landline service as opposed to less than $30 per month for VoIP. As if this weren’t enough of an incentive, you’ll also say goodbye to all of those surprises fees and surcharges that pop up on traditional phone bills.

3. Collaborate made easy

Another significant advantage to cloud-based phone service is the ability to connect and share data with other project members, no matter where they are located. Outside sales reps, employees who telecommute and home-office personnel can all easily be added to the same call.

4. Less downtime

While traditional phone service is subject to power outages and is dependent on an obsolete and decaying infrastructure, Internet phone systems are not tied to a physical location and thus experience much less downtime than traditional phone service. Imagine being able to continue to talk to customers, even during a power outage or storm. Plus, since you can use your system off-site, you can still take calls during extreme conditions, such as a hurricane or flood.

5. Stellar customer service.

Unlike most traditional phone companies, customer service reps are available 24/7, not just the usual 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Because we all know phone problems don’t just happen during bankers’ hours.

6. Automatic upgrades.

With an Internet phone system, you’ll always have access to the latest technology. Your system will be automatically updated as new technology becomes available. You don’t have to invest in new hardware as you do when you upgrade your landline system. Plus, unlike older phone systems, cloud-based systems don’t have to be re-booted for an upgrade to be live, another way you’ll experience less downtime.

7. Ability to scale up or down

Cloud-based phone systems also accommodate your company’s growth and can be as flexible as you are. Do you need five new lines to handle holiday phone traffic? Do you need to move phone lines from one location to another? Do you need to subtract an off-site line for a worker who no longer is with your company? These types of moves can be handled in a matter of seconds. Landline phone companies would require a service call.

8. Easy to streamline your communications while adding functionality

A single Internet phone company can provide most, if not all of your telecommunications needs, from conference calls to video conferencing to having your voicemail messages sent to your email box. With VoIP, you don’t have to worry about contracting with a bunch of outside providers for these extra services.

9. Ever-accessible phone records

With cloud-based phone systems, your phone records are always accessible online. You don’t have to worry about finding a paper record. This is especially important for businesses like law and accounting firms that bill back clients for time spent on the phone on their behalf.

10. Freedom to concentrate on your core business

When you make the switch to a cloud-based phone system, you’ll have more time to spend with your clients, your employees and your family. Also, you’ll free up space that was housing your phone server and be able to be pretty much as flexible with your communications as your business needs to be.

About Nextiva

“Nextiva is one of the leading providers of business cloud-based communications service.” Says Dan King of K² Technologies, a Nextiva reseller, “For most, Nextiva is a cost saving to them, especially those doing a bit in long distance. The added features are a bonus. Companies with multiple offices or remote workers love the ability of a softphone on their PC or Notebook. The mobile client isn’t bad either.”

Currently used by more than 150,000 businesses around North America, Nextiva is growing exponentially as more and more companies realize the many benefits of “cutting the cord” from their old land line system.

About K² Technologies

K² Technologies, with locations in both Gillette and Jackson, is the oldest and most trusted IT support company in northeast Wyoming. We offer a broad range of IT services for business of all sizes. In addition to providing cloud-based telephone service, we provide managed IT services that range from computer repair and maintenance to cybersecurity to wireless network management to IT consulting. Our business philosophy is that we want to give you all of the IT tools and support you need to help your business succeed. Because when your business succeeds, our business succeeds.

To start your switch to a cloud-based telephone system, we suggest that you contact us to make an appointment for a free consultation. We customize our services to best suit your business and your budget. We don’t ever want you to pay for services that you don’t need and won’t use.

We can also talk about our managed IT services that provide daily maintenance for your servers and computer systems, so your website and computers aren’t bogged down by unnecessary temporary files, viruses and/or other byproducts of sloppy or infrequent IT maintenance and how we can keep your cloud storage and wireless networks are secure from outside (and internal) threats. By outsourcing your IT maintenance, you and your staff will have more time to interact with your customers and grow your business. When you work with K² Technologies, you don’t have to be IT specialists. That’s our job.

To learn more about how K² Technologies can help get your business started with cloud-based telephone service, visit K² Technologies.net or contact us at [email protected]. We’ve been helping businesses like yours with their computer needs for more than 15 years.