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When the Financial and IT Experts of Gillette, Wyoming Come Together

K² Technologies manages all of the CPA firm’s programs and keeps intruders out.

Bennett, Weber & Hermstad, LLP- Finances and Technology. The two topics are on most of our minds. If you’re lucky enough to live in the Gillette, Wyoming area, there are two experts in these areas to help make life easier.


Bennett, Weber & Hermstad, LLP is a full-service accounting firm established in Gillette, Wyoming in 1974. With seven partners and an extended professional staff, they take pride in providing many different types of services ranging from audits to individual tax returns. Their clients include governmental entities, financial institutions, oil & gas companies, non-profit organizations, individuals and many other types of businesses.

The Situation:

Working in a Paperless World

IT plays a big role in the daily function at Bennett, Weber & Hermstad. According to Tammy Hermstad, a partner at the firm for the last fifteen years:

“As an accounting firm, Information Technology is highest on our list of needs. Our office is paperless, so we need good IT programs and someone who knows IT to handle potential threats”.

The business motto of their company is “Together we can really make things happen!” That’s true of their commitment to their community, as well as their relationship with K² Technologies and owner Dan King. Established in 2001, K² Technologies specializes in proactive, customized service. Their knowledge of IT and IT security sets them apart from the rest.

The Solution:

Find the Best Around to Meet IT Needs

K² Technologies manages all of the CPA firm’s programs and keeps intruders out. Ms. Hermstad has been a partner with the company for over fifteen years, and the decision to work with K2 was made long before her arrival. That’s how long K2 has been in business, and they must be doing something right if they’re keeping their clients happy for that long.

“They really know the changing needs of the industry”, says Hermstad.

The Outcome:

A Happy and Successful Partnership

K² Technologies knows that when their clients are successful, they will also be successful. It’s a win-win situation. This is the case with Bennett, Weber and Hermstad. The CPA firm couldn’t be happier with their partnership.

“They’re great to work with, and we would absolutely recommend them to others”.