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The IT Support Grass Isn’t Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence – So Come on Back!

Are you one of the companies that used to be with K² Technologies and left for greener pastures only to find that things weren’t quite as rosy on the other side of the fence as you had hoped? No problem! Come on back. In this article we’ll explore why people leave an IT support company, why they come back, and what sometimes keeps them from doing so.

Have You Discovered That the Grass on the Other Side of the IT Support Fence Isn’t as Green You Thought it Would Be?

We’ve had a hot summer.

The other day I looked at the grass in my yard. – It was all a faded brown.

Then I looked at my neighbors yard. – His looked green and lush.

“He must water his yard,” I thought.

Just to confirm my suspicions, I walked over to the fence to see where he had positioned his sprinklers.

When I got to the fence and looked down, I immediately realized my mistake.


Weeds are green too!

His yard was more weeds than it was anything else. Their roots go deeper, and they stay green longer than the Kentucky bluegrass that made up most of my yard, but they’re weeds.

Maybe you’ve made the same mistake I did.

Maybe you thought an IT support company that advertised more services or had flashier advertising was the way to go and you left K² Technologies for “greener pastures” – only to discover that weeds are green too.

I want to take this opportunity to invite you to follow the example of others before you and come back to K² Technologies.

In total transparency, let’s answer a few important questions for you.

Why Do Some Companies Leave K² Technologies for “Greener Pastures”?

I’m not going to give you the typical sales pitch. Let’s be honest. Every company drops the ball sometimes, and in the spirit of complete transparency, I’ll admit that there have been a few times over the years that we haven’t met our own expectations or those of our clients. In cases like this, if the relationship isn’t strong enough, we’ve had a few clients leave to find “greener pastures.” But not many.

The second reason that clients have left K² Technologies to find “greener pastures” is unreasonable expectations.

Let’s face it. Technology can do a lot, but it’s not the cure-all for all your business woes.

The third reason that we have seen people leave is uncommunicated value.

Because the IT support work of K² Technologies is behind the scenes, it sometimes goes unnoticed. When we fail to point out all of the work we are doing for a client – the hacks we have stopped, the viruses we have identified, and the patches we have installed, the hours we have spent in optimizing systems to match workflow – the client may be lulled in to the idea that he/she can do without high-level IT support and as a result leaves to partner with a lower-grade competitor.

Why Do Companies Come Back to K² Technologies for IT Support and IT Services?

It’s been exciting to watch.

Over the past few years, we’ve been seeing clients that left us in the early years of our business gradually float back to begin a relationship with the K² Technologies team once again.

Without exception, we have welcomed them back with open arms and are working as hard for their business as we do a brand-new customer relationship.

But why are they coming back?

  • Their expectations of “greener grass” have not been met by the IT support company they chose to partner with after they left K² Technologies.
  • Despite the reason they initially left K² Technologies, they respect the IT skillset and business savvy of the K² Technologies team.
  • They’ve been watching K² Technologies from afar and have noticed that we are keeping up with current technologies – unlike their current IT support solution.
  • Our current clients have been ambassadors for K² Technologies and have encouraged former clients to come back.
  • They are tired of IT support companies that pinch pennies and outsource IT support and help-desk services to offshore or low-budget call centers.

What Sometimes Keeps Former Clients from Returning?

Everyone is the same. When we leave a business, a social club, a gym, or something similar, we are hesitant to go back.


I’m sure that a psychologist could give us lots of deep answers to this question, but let’s look at a few of the practical ones and what K² Technologies is doing to overcome your objections to returning to the fold.

Embarrassment – “I can’t return because they’ll make me admit that I was wrong to leave in the first place.”

Ask around. The K² Technologies team isn’t into judging people for their choices. We’re just happy for the chance to serve you and your business once again.

Disaster – “I can’t return because everything K² Technologies did when they were our IT support partner has been undone by the last guys that we hired.”

Don’t worry about it! You wouldn’t believe some of the IT disasters that we have been hired to bring back to life.

Past Disappointments – “I can’t return because _____________ might happen again.”

We know that sometimes a former client may hesitant to return to K² Technologies. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that your second experience with K² Technologies is a permanent and happy one.

So don’t give it a second thought! Follow others that have come back to K² Technologies and are now happy clients! We’re ready to welcome you back.

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