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Where Can I Find Lenovo Computer Support In Wyoming?

You want to know that the company that you are buying your technology from is financially stable and will be around for the foreseeable future. More than that, you want a Lenovo IT support partner that understands Lenovo technology intimately and has a close working relationship with this significant manufacturer.

Lenovo has plotted a course of business success – moving from a startup funded by the government to a worldwide technology equipment manufacturing in just thirty years.

It’s this kind of vision that has pushed Lenovo to the front of the pack – and the front of mind for business leaders across Wyoming. Right now, there are executives just like you asking the same question you are and typing the same search into Google.

Where can I find Lenovo computer support in Wyoming?

Let’s give you the simple answer first.

K2 Technologies is the leading Lenovo supply and support partner in Wyoming for small to mid-size business.

That leads us to the next question.

Why Lenovo?

Let’s begin with a brief overview.

Who and What Is Lenovo? – And Why Should My Wyoming Business Care?

According to their 2016/17 Annual report, Lenovo tips the sales scales at $43 billion globally and is one of the Fortune 500 companies. They sell apps, tablets, smartphones (Moto), smart TVs, data storage devices, servers, workstations, and PC’s (such as Think and YOGA). The spectrum of technology that they manufacture includes devices designed for everyone from the home user to large-scale enterprise.

The history of Lenovo is unique. It was founded in 1984 with a capital investment of US$25,000 from The Chinese Academy of Sciences. The founder, Liu Chuanzhi and ten colleagues started the New Technology Developer Inc. The first product to be put into production by the young firm was a device designed to adapt computers to use the Chinese language to it’s fullest capacity on the machines. Thirty years later, this company, now named Lenovo, has become the #1 PC manufacturer in the world, pushing HP out of the top spot.

Lenovo has four main business groups: PC and Smart Devices, Mobile, Data Center, and Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group.

  • The PC and Smart Device Business Group deals with PCs and other devices such as detachables, tablets, and gaming hardware.
  • The Mobile Business Group manufactures globally available smartphones and mobile units that are intended for China’s growing market.
  • The Data Center Group focuses on high-performance servers directed toward businesses working within the cloud.
  • Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group invests in startups and the development of new technologies.

Lenovo Is Here to Stay And Will Play a Significant Role In Businesses in Wyoming and Worldwide Well Into the Future.

With a market capitalization of 7.7 billion, Lenovo is currently ranked

  • #27 in the 2017 Global 2000: Top Regarded Companies
  • #226 in the Fortune 500 list

Lenovo Financials — In the fiscal year ending March 2017, the Lenovo Group posted a gross profit of USD 6,106 million. Their operating expenses declined by 19% over the year previous and subsequently, their expense-to-revenue ratio landed at 12.6% in that year.

By geography, 28% of their income came from China, 16% from Asia Pacific, 26% from Europe-Middle East-Africa, and 30% from the Americas.

Company Growth – In 2005 Lenovo acquired the IBM Personal Computer Division for US$ 1.4 billion.  This acquisition was the first step in becoming a global leader in the PC industry. This bold move by the Lenovo leadership catapulted Lenovo into the third spot of the PC industry and brought about a positive shift in Lenovo culture.

In 2014, Lenovo purchased IBM’s x86 server business for US$ 2.1 billion adding it to their already impressive portfolio. This acquisition made Lenovo the third-largest player in the x86 server market – just behind HP and Dell.

Also in 2014, Lenovo picked up Motorola Mobility from Google. At that point, Google was struggling to find a smartphone approach that would appeal to the consumer and be financially viable.

Why Is All This Lenovo History And Financial Information Important To A Wyoming Business Like Yours?

Because you want to work with a global leader that is at the forefront of cutting-edge business technology.

K2 Technologies works with companies like yours that are looking at or already have invested in Lenovo products and supports your efforts to use Lenovo technology to enhance your processes and grow your business.

You want to know that the company that you are buying your technology from is financially stable and will be around for the foreseeable future. More than that, you want a Lenovo IT support partner that understands Lenovo technology intimately and has a close working relationship with this significant manufacturer.

What’s Next For Lenovo Has a Direct Impact on What Companies Like Yours Will be able to do in the future.

Looking ahead, Lenovo has a well-defined strategy for technological and business growth. While it may seem distant to your business at the moment, the technologies that are being developed by Lenovo today will be in use in Wyoming businesses in the next few years. The first companies to leverage these technological advancements to explore efficiencies and streamline processes will have the competitive edge.

After conquering the PC world. Lenovo is looking ahead – focusing on high growth sectors like Cloud and Smart Devices. In the cloud arena, Lenovo has restructured its business around five of the fastest growing market segments:

  • Hyperscale Infrastructures
  • Software Defined Data Centers
  • High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence
  • Solutions-based Data Center Infrastructures
  • Cloud Services

The goal?

To become one of the world’s top three trusted data center players.

On the Smart Devices front, Lenovo is investing in:

  • Intelligent devices
  • Intelligent cloud
  • Intelligent services

Beneath the surface – fueling these initiatives is Lenovo’s secret sauce — Artificial Intelligence (AI). Lenovo is leading the charge to explore how AI can change the way we live, the way we work, and the how our society operates for the better.

In this age of smart technology, Lenovo is emerging as the leader that will make doing business easier, smarter, and faster. By integrating services and applications to provide an environment that is not only user-friendly but also intuitive, Lenovo will make Wyoming companies like yours more competitive globally…if you have the right support for Lenovo technology in place.

What kind of Lenovo support does K2 Technologies provide Wyoming business?

Why Does K2 Technologies Partner With Lenovo And Provide IT Support For Lenovo Hardware?

The K2 Technologies team has chosen to work with Lenovo products for the same reason that you are exploring purchase or support for Lenovo hardware.

  • They are a global leader.
  • They are making progress in finding and perfecting new business technologies.
  • They are financially stable and back their products.
  • They are on the rise – not the decline as seen in other tech manufacturers.
  • Their products work for our customers!

Want to know more about Lenovo and the IT support that K2 Technologies provides for our customers? You can read more articles on this topic HERE.