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Medical Billing Company Reaches Out To K2 For Local IT Services

With managed IT services, you can rest easy knowing your medical billing company is paying only for the cloud-based services that it actually needs.

Top Reasons Medical Billing Companies Should Use Local IT Services

Many professional organizations that are afraid to move to the cloud don’t realize they’ve already partially made the switch. Does your organization use Gmail? How about Salesforce? If so, you’re already taking advantage of cloud computing. The browser-based email gave everyone a nice introduction to cloud computing, with most not even realizing it. Throughout the years, cloud-based services have grown enormously, allowing businesses to take essentially all of their operations to the cloud.

One of the most notable aspects of the cloud is its ability to revolutionize the operations of both big and small organizations. The file sharing feature alone of many cloud-based programs is reason enough to hop aboard the cloud computing bandwagon. Once you make the switch, you’ll enjoy enhanced levels of productivity, greater cost-efficiency across the entire organization, time-saving benefits, and much more. Ultimately, you can improve your cash flow while optimizing the customer experience.

Whether you operate an accounting business, law firm, or medical billing office, it’s time to let cloud computing transform your IT infrastructure. Just imagine increasing your profit margin, spending more time doing what you love most, and maximizing your customer count with a single solution. As you’re making the switch to the cloud, it’s imperative to ensure your business information is protected. Also important is to make sure your cloud-based services align with your legacy systems. You can do this by outsourcing your IT tasks to a local IT services provider. For now, let’s take a close look at the top reasons medical billing companies should use local IT services.

Enhanced Cost-Efficiency

With managed IT services, you can rest easy knowing your medical billing company is paying only for the cloud-based services that it actually needs. Your IT services provider will monitor your IT activity and provide recommendations on ways to reduce your exposure to costly cloud-based services that you aren’t using. An extensive assessment is performed on a regular basis followed by the creation of a customized solutions plan that outlines the cloud-based services your medical billing company should utilize. More so, your managed IT services provider will minimize the likelihood of a network disaster; this alone can save you thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

Greater Staff Productivity

Your medical billing company has one goal — to be the best medical billing service provider that it can be. Your goal isn’t to be the best IT manager, so why are you making your staff spend so much time on IT tasks? Probably because you understand the complexity of IT and its overall importance to your company. Imagine leaving your IT services in the hands of a company that specializes in IT-related tasks. Your staff can go back to focusing on your primary goal. Even those dedicated to IT activities will have more time to focus their attention on core IT objectives. All in all, your entire staff team achieves greater productivity because your IT tasks are in the hands of a specialized services provider.

Improved Compliance and Security

As a medical billing services provider, you likely have to stay in compliance with numerous acts, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. With a local IT services provider, you can move your business forward knowing you’re in full reporting and security compliance mode. More so, the services provider will instruct you on ways to structure your business so that all of your processes and reporting practices are meeting the requirements of government standards.

It’s time to quit burdening your staff with PCI compliance and firewall-related tasks. When you outsource your IT activities, you get to lean on a services provider that deploys the latest technology and protocols to achieve maximum PCI compliance. This reduces the risk of clients’ information falling into the wrong hands, including their credit card number and other forms of sensitive information.

Creation of a Network Disaster Recovery Plan

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow morning to discover all of your clients’ information had been hacked? Would you even know the first step to take to remedy this type of data disaster? Probably not, and why would you? After all, you’re not a data management specialist. By partnering with a local IT services provider, you can take comfort in knowing you have a full disaster recovery plan in place that evolves as your business scales. Your disaster plan and its effectiveness are greatly influenced by your ability to keep up with the latest government regulations and changes in technology. As a medical billing company, though, you don’t have time to devote toward ensuring your disaster recovery plan is always up to date. This is yet another reason to outsource your IT services.

Minimize Downtimes

Medical billing companies rely greatly on their IT networks. When the network is down, productivity comes to a halt. An IT services provider, however, always has solutions in place to minimize downtime. In fact, they deploy tactics that result in nearly zero downtime and far fewer glitches than what you’re likely accustomed to. The services provider does this by pinpointing problems before they occur and preventing them before they turn into costly outages and repairs.

What is your medical billing company doing to protect its IT infrastructure? As you move to the cloud, you must make sure to take preventative measures to maximize your use of cloud-based services, and it starts with outsourcing your IT tasks to a local IT services provider.