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Why Should Your Organization Invest In Microsoft 365?

Discover the actual benefits of Microsoft 365. K2 Technologies 2020 Microsoft 365 Buyers Guide outlines how much you should pay for Microsoft 365.

Why Microsoft 365 (2020 Buyers Guide)

Migrating your business to the cloud opens it up to a world of endless possibilities. Imagine having all your vital business apps and data available at any time or place. Picture the options the safe convenience extended to the rest of your team and company. Best of all is the peace of mind of knowing that it is so secure that it may as well be in Fort Knox.

Well, imagine no more Microsoft Cloud Technologies can open up your business to such possibilities. However, many companies making digital transformation through cloud technologies find it challenging. That’s why you’ll need the right strategy powered by Microsoft’s cutting edge solutions.

Companies that have made the switch swear by the boost in productivity tools such as Microsoft 365 present. And, it’s not that hard when you have an expert digital migration expert at hand. You probably have a million concerns on how it will affect your profit margins.

For the sake of your peace of mind, let’s go through some of these concerns.

Why Your Organization Should Invest In Microsoft 365

How Much Does Microsoft 365 Cost?

Having your emails, schedule, and Microsoft office apps available and secured in the cloud presents endless possibilities. It’s no wonder companies that have made the switch to Ms 365 swear by its transformative properties.

It sounds too good to be true. This makes you wonder; how much does Microsoft 365 cost? Well, it won’t set you back as much as you thing. The payment options are flexible enough to accommodate the smallest and largest companies.

However, the actual value of such a fantastic product is in the ROI and the peace of mind that it delivers.

How Does Microsoft 365 Benefit Your Company?

This innovation could be critical to a healthier, more cohesive, and profitable work environment. It’s done wonders for many organizations. And helped small businesses become as competitive as large firms.

Here are a few ways it can boost your productivity and returns:

  1. Elevates your security and compliance
  2. Facilitates collaboration and teamwork
  3. Keeps your business up to date
  4. Reduces equipment acquisition and energy costs
  5. Enhances emailing and scheduling capabilities

Digital Migration

What Other Microsoft Technologies Do You Need? Microsoft’s innovative cloud computing technologies are giving other providers a run for their money. The following products will make ease you into digital migration:

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a hybrid cloud service that supports Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms and devices. Unlike most leading cloud solutions, you’re not forced to choose between the public or private cloud. You can merge both options for added flexibility.

It’s scalable to fit the need of any workforce and can even be scaled as your business grows. It affordable and take just 5 mins to set up. It’s no wonder that over 50% of the world’s largest enterprises use Microsoft Azure cloud solutions.

Windows Intune

This product is ideal for companies that want to get all their devices in-synch without additional hardware. You can use Windows Intune to manage all your apps backed by Microsoft’s dependable compliance to security. With all your company data linked to every device, your team can work synchronously from different locations.

Microsoft SQL Server With MS System Centre

This service has remained a favorite for many companies looking to migrate to the cloud since 2012. It offers the highest levels of security for companies that wish to run SQL live on the cloud. Paring it with Microsoft Azure grants you access to all your apps with excellent desktop visualization options that allow you to work from remotely as you would on your workstation.

What are the Key Steps to an Effective Digital Migration Strategy?

Migrating to the cloud presents a set of challenges for any enterprise. Dimensional Research found that about 75% of companies find cloud migration overly complicated. Most companies can even take 12 months exceeding budgetary allocations.

The following steps will help your company migrate to Microsoft 365 and other cloud computing solutions:

Come Up With A Plan

Workable timelines and budgetary constraints are the primary factors that will guide your migration plan. Here are some measures that can help mitigate some of the risk and pressure:

  1. Move all your data and apps in small manageable chunks. This will highlight any inconsistencies and quickly solve problems that may arise.
  2. Consider what cloud monitoring service will allow you to synchronize all your data.
  3. Look for services and software that offer both operational and financial benefits. This helps you determine your budget.
  4. Distinguish your vital digital assets

Create an inventory of all your data, IT portfolios, and other vital digital assets. Visualize all these dependencies existing in the cloud as they would in your server. This reduces the migration costs and secures your company from data loss and a bloated budget.

Consult Your Stakeholders

Moving your applications and data to the cloud reduces operational costs. However, this may not be apparent to most of your employees and investors. Therefore, you need to consult them to justify your plan and the associated costs.

Factor All Your Security And Compliance Issues

Digital and cloud migration exposes your data to risks when done the wrong way. While there are numerous factors to consider, security and compliance requirements should come at the top of your list.

K2 Technologies: Your Microsoft 365 Partner

Coming up with an actionable migration plan can take a lot of time and money. It’s such a hustle, especially if your company doesn’t have an IT department. Fortunately, you can outsource such tasks and worries to an experienced digital transformation company.

Are you ready to switch to the cloud? We can help make the transition easier. K2 technologies have continued providing exemplary IT services and consulting services to companies across the US.

We have agents on standby across the country ready to help thousands of businesses across the country. It doesn’t if you’re a small team or a multinational. Our services are as scalable as they are reliable.

Schedule a complimentary Microsoft Office 365 consulting session with a K2 Technologies Microsoft professional.

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