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Microsoft 365 For Small Businesses (A-Z Guide)

Discover the right Microsoft 365 solution for your small business. Read on.

A Basic Guide into Microsoft 365 For Small Businesses

Enterprise Microsoft Office editions have advanced features different from Personal versions. The Business edition has administration elements and combined software tailored to meet organizational compliance and safety issues.

Microsoft Office came into existence more than thirty years ago. The previous Microsoft Office editions consisted of Excel, Access, and Word apps. However, in 2011, Office 365 was renamed to Microsoft 365 after several adjustments and improvements, and it is estimated that there are 155 million monthly Microsoft 365 business users.

Microsoft 365 Small Business Guide

Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office

Microsoft 365 is different from Microsoft Office since its license needs a subscription after a certain period and not a permanent permit. Microsoft 365 combines virtual services like space storage, protected communication resources, desktop programs, and business-class emails.

Installation of any Office package updates the traditional desktop applications automatically since Microsoft 365 is a paid product. Business leaders should update their systems regularly to receive the latest software and protect their networks.

Microsoft 365 Family package is customized for non-commercial entities that are non-profit by nature. Each plan has specific apps.

Here is everything micro-business owners ought to master about the range of services offered by Microsoft 365, Office applications, Microsoft packages, and ways managed IT service providers can help.

What Services Are Available on Microsoft 365?

Subscribers to the Exchange Online plan on Microsoft 365 users get a business-class email with free 50 GB. These subscribers can read their emails through windows or internet browsers as well as using the online threats filtering feature.

Business OneDrive
A Microsoft 365 subscription, comes with 1 TB OneDrive storage and sync users for every desktop. Businesses with Windows 10 option use this sync client element to store apps and data. Users monitor their cloud-base storage with a Files-On-Demand application. Besides, company executives can elevate their storage units to unlimited capacity, particularly if they handle large files.

Online SharePoint
Previously, the SharePoint feature was clunky, but Microsoft 365 has made it sleek. Teams can sync details and exchange data with other desktop clients. Additionally, SharePoint allows IT leaders to confine users from leaking private information to any unauthorized party.

Microsoft Teams
Another essential Microsoft 365 product is Microsoft Teams. This free communication software replaced Skype and allows for integrated communications, prompt messaging, and teleconferencing services. Reports show that at least 500,000 businesses use Microsoft Teams, and the usage has increased by 40% during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Generally, Microsoft 365 packages have services that target particular users. Small businesses should use both standard and premium tools like Microsoft Bookings to allow guests to book appointments.

Does Microsoft 365 Have Pre-Installed Desktop Applications?

Desktop applications using Microsoft 365 packages have Office 2019 publications for Windows 7. Furthermore, Windows also have Access and Publisher applications installed in advance, and all applications need regular updating to access recent and more secure versions.

Small outlets with around five computers or phones are eligible to subscribe to paid Microsoft 365 packages simultaneously. After subscribing to a Microsoft 365 plan, you do not need to activate or key in the product key to run the package. On the contrary, perpetual-permitted editions allow connection to one gadget, and its versions are not transferable.

Fortunately, virtual-based PowerPoint and Word options have robust elements that support the editing of business documents in OneDrive. Such features are compatible with your desktop browsers, and no special product is required to subscribe to the plan.

Not all Microsoft Office options changed as some software packages retained some Office 365 components. See below the Microsoft plans that have not yet changed:

  • Office 365 designed for First-line workers
  • Office 365 designed for Business
  • Office 365 designed for Government
  • Office 365 designed for Education

Which Microsoft 365 Version is Appropriate for Micro Businesses?

Microsoft 365 Basic Package
Microsoft 365 Business Basic packages are tailored for organizations that require basic services and cloud solutions. A Microsoft 365 Business Basic involves:

  • Mobile and virtual Outlook and Excel products
  • Email services for cross-device usage
  • Cloud space storage
  • Microsoft Teams
  • In-built security protection

Microsoft 365 Business Standard
Does your enterprise require more support for its applications? Most small entities prefer Microsoft 365 Business Standard because of its more advanced options and reasonable costs. It provides:

  • Desktop Office applications with installed Microsoft options to be shared among five devices
  • Advanced Microsoft Teams
  • MileIQ app to track teams’ performance

Microsoft 365 Business Premium
Small establishments that handle sensitive data should install Microsoft 365 Business Premium. The top-tier option allows workers to use internet-enabled devices when working remotely.
Business Premium adds what basic and standard suite offers, and:

  • Risk protection software provides improved security to secure business networks from cyber threats.
  • Wipe files remotely from user computers

How Do Small Entities Manage Microsoft 365?

Updated Microsoft 365 comprises an administration dashboard that IT leaders use to monitor organization security, operational permits, and all subscriptions. Small entities should have an experienced IT professional to monitor Office 365 end-users and implement security measures properly. Outsourcing Microsoft 365 service providers is vital, especially if your in-house team lacks expertise skills.

Why Engage a Microsoft 365 IT Service Provider?

Outsourced IT experts understand the trending events in the tech industry. The technology companies will keep updating your firm software to ensure the entity is secured and conforms with current industry demands.

They are conversant with Microsoft 365 portal to make it easy for employees to use web services on time. MSPs have the right of entry to administrator centers for particular applications services, including the popular OneDrive.

Safeguarding Content and Software

Microsoft 365 safety is laudable. It’s open to modifications to help attain a balance between user convenience and organization security. Managed IT service providers will install advanced software to secure a business network.

Final Verdict

Ideally, Microsoft 365 option is productive to small establishments. However, an executive leader should choose a cost-effective Microsoft 365 plan for their firm. Moreover, you need to identify various ways Microsoft 365 could boost your company’s operations before getting it.

Finally, knowledge is essential when choosing Microsoft 365 package to make sure you have the right package. Outline online services your small outlet needs before you progress with Microsoft 365 selection process. Not sure about which Microsoft Office 365 plan to take? Schedule a complimentary Microsoft Office 365 consulting session with a K2 Technologies Microsoft professional.