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Microsoft Azure Guide For Small Business
(2020 Edition)

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Microsoft Azure Guide For Small Business

The world of data storage and hosting has changed dramatically over the last few years, transitioning from on-site hosting systems to near-ubiquitous cloud-based storage.

Your small business consistently needs innovation to thrive. Embracing cloud-based technology such as Microsoft Azure is one of the best ways to get from here to there. You may be feeling frustrated, trying to understand the nuances of cloud-based applications, or you may feel dissatisfied with your current data storage system. In either case, you will need to investigate your next option carefully, thoughtfully, and conscientiously.

K2 Technologies understands your position well. Using market-leading solutions, innovative services, and Microsoft technology consultations, K2 Technologies is a full-service agency dedicated to offering tech solutions for tomorrow’s small business.

We recognize that Microsoft Azure could be facilitated through a tech consultancy like K2 Technologies. Still, we also understand that your knowledge of the service is paramount to small business success. That’s why we’re providing a comprehensive overview of Microsoft Azure for 2020 users.

What Is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud hosting software program that houses dozens of unique services under a single umbrella. This includes applications for small businesses in finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and even start-up businesses. These integrated cloud services provide necessary functions to growing companies and provide access options to any specific need or location.

Small business users are given the ability to construct, manipulate, and develop applications using universal tools that are accessible from all points of your organization. Pay for only the services and data storage you need when you need it, and get access to web, email, and file storage servers along the way.

Microsoft Azure is one of the best cloud-based solutions for small businesses. In fact:

Three unique types of services are offered to users: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). These three functions assist small businesses in increasingly beneficial ways.

Popular Cloud Solutions For Small Businesses

Microsoft Azure provides an enormous amount of value to small businesses. The most commonly utilized cloud solutions from Microsoft Azure are broken down below using subscription type.

  • IaaS: This level of use unlocks data centers at physical plants or buildings, as well as networking, firewalls, security systems, and server storage.
  • PaaS: Have access to operating systems as well as development tools, database management functions, and business analytics. Apps and functions are also accessible.
  • SaaS: Utilize the entire Microsoft Azure service along with their hosted apps and applications.

Each small business should carefully consider their options before choosing the system that fits their unique needs.

Types Of Microsoft Azure Cloud Migrations

There are four primary methods of migrating your cloud hosting services to Microsoft Azure, each of which serves a unique niche or purpose. These include:

  1. Rehost: Migrate existing applications from its on-premise location to the Azure cloud. This is an excellent option for legacy migrations or small businesses lacking more advanced knowledge of Microsoft Azure.
  2. Repackage: Change code without altering the original system from scratch. Sensitive business applications that should not be disrupted are best suited for this method.
  3. Re-architect: Move applications to cloud-based systems after altering their initial code base. This system is most efficient for apps requiring high amounts of cloud flexibility.
  4. Rebuild: Small businesses recreate their application needs from the ground up using Azure’s PaaS capabilities. This strategy is most suitable for simple applications that are not dependent on critical business functions.

Each of these migration systems is useful for different types of small business functions. Ensure that you have done all necessary research before deciding on a system for your industry.

How Microsoft Azure Supports Your Small Business

Using Microsoft Azure in your small business may support daily operations in a myriad of ways. From built-in security functions for increased safety precautions to holistic application development, Azure operates as a one-stop-shop for many small business needs. There are dozens of great benefits that come from using cloud infrastructure, including:

  • Strategic data storage
  • 99.9% Azure reliability guarantee
  • Enhanced protection against data breaches and cyber attacks
  • A pick-and-choose application system that allows for subscriptions to new products as they are released
  • Seamless collaboration between employees, clients, and departments
  • Regulatory compliance for State and Federal law
  • Custom websites and applications available to build at any time

Managed IT service companies like K2 Technologies help to simplify the integration and installation process of Microsoft Azure into your business’ daily functions. A team of several experts is on-call to answer your pressing questions at any time.

Whether you choose to invest in Microsoft Azure for your small business or not, ensure that you have the IT support you need to make the switch the right way.

K2 Technologies is a full-service agency of Microsoft consultation professionals, serving small businesses just like you since 2001. We understand the frustrations stemming from data breaches, outages, and downtimes, and are prepared to assist with migration efforts on any level. For a free consultation tailored explicitly to your industry, reach out to our team today.