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Microsoft Learning Pathways 

Would you like to discover how you can get to leverage Microsoft products? Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways enables you to get individualized training on Microsoft programs. It can help your business.

Microsoft Learning Pathways

Would you like to discover how you can get to leverage Microsoft products? Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways enables you to get individualized training on Microsoft programs. It can help your business.

There are many IT innovations that help businesses grow today. These inventions are assisting businesses to save on costs, optimize operations, and address everyday problems. Companies that use them get to enjoy all these benefits.

For a growing business, your schedule or resources may make discovering all innovations a challenge. Your business may still need to leverage IT solutions to achieve your goals. Microsoft products are some tools you may need. The requirement to enjoy the inventions without taking up your resources creates an obstacle.

Clients always ask K² Technologies how they can enjoy Microsoft products. K² Technologies provides market-leading solutions, services, and consults on Microsoft technology. This article will help you discover Microsoft Learning Pathways and how it can help your business.

Watch our video to discover more about Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways:

What is Microsoft Learning Pathways?

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways is a program by Microsoft that enables Microsoft users to discover its products. It is a customizable, on-demand learning solution that improves the adoption and use of Microsoft 365.

Do you have a worker that is struggling with Microsoft 365 products? Are you trying to introduce a new Microsoft 365 product?

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways can solve these difficulties. Your employees can get training for any Microsoft product using the program.

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways offers:

  • Ease of Use: users can configure Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways from the SharePoint Online Provisioning Service with a few straightforward steps.
  • A Customizable SharePoint Online Communication Platform: users can customize the Learning Pathways training portal. They can add their organizations’ support, help, and community content.
  • Up-To-Date Content: Learning Pathways guides through a Microsoft online help catalog. They will always update the content on your platform.
  • The Ability to Have Your Training Playlist: Learning Pathways enables users to create targeted training playlists for their organizations.

How Can You Get Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways?

You can get Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways by enabling it via your SharePoint. K² has enabled the feature for our managed clients. If you are not among our managed clients, and you would like to use it, contact us. We will help you set up the solution, and you can enjoy Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways.

In your SharePoint hub, you can see the Learning icon at the top of the new menu. Click Learning. This action takes you to Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways page, which has many resources to help you enjoy Microsoft 365 technology.

Click on Microsoft 365 Training option. This action takes you to a page where you can get training for Microsoft 365 technology. Many options are available, such as training for various Microsoft programs. You can choose the training for Outlook, Planner, OneDrive, Word, Access, Forms, and more. The option for discovering scenarios, such as the Modern Workplace, also exists.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways

You can enjoy many benefits of this feature.

  • Enjoy Training for Microsoft 365 Products: Microsoft 365 products enable your organization to enjoy technological innovations. This solution can ensure you discover the inventions and leverage them to achieve your goals. You can get training for various Microsoft products via this portal.
  • Customize Training Exercises: Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways enable you to customize the training for your organization. You can select the products whose training you need and set the parameters for the exercise. Tailor the solution to your staff’s needs.
  • Train at Any Time: You need not worry about your staff missing training exercises. This solution enables you to plan the training. You can schedule it for when you know your workers will be available.
  • Enjoy the Simple Setup: You do not need complex configurations to enjoy this program. The setting up process is straightforward. You can do it for yourself, or ask your MSP to do it for you.
  • Get Up-To-Date Content: You get the material from Microsoft. Microsoft updates its content with recent useful information. Your organization enjoys this latest data to ensure you benefit from Microsoft 365 products.
  • Add Content to Help Your Employees: The solution does not restrict you to the provided materials. You can add resources to the portal. These additions ensure your staff gets value from the training exercise.
  • The Solution Conserves Your Resources: Creating content for your staff can cost you. You will spend time, labor, and money to generate it from scratch. Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways saves you from this hustle by providing reliable content as Microsoft delivers and manages it.
  • You Can Change the Portal: Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways is a flexible solution, as you can change it when you want. Changing the portal is straightforward. Change its look and feel to represent the present needs of your organization.
  • Enjoy Other Resources for Your Business: Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways also provides other solutions that benefit you. It has other useful features, such as Scenarios for the Modern Workplace and a customizable SharePoint online communication platform.

Do You Need More IT Solutions to Help You Grow as a Business?

K² Technologies provides market-leading services, solutions, and consulting on Microsoft technology. We can help you enjoy these Microsoft programs to achieve your goals. Our experts will set you up with them, guide you on Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways, and help you. Your team can use Microsoft 365 products to access documents and emails and connect with colleagues.

K² has experience of about two decades, offering strategic Microsoft solutions for businesses. We help organizations adopt and deploy leading Microsoft technologies. Our experts help firms with Microsoft Networks, Microsoft Windows, and the latest Microsoft Cloud solutions, such as Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365.

Organizations that work with us access a team of experts in Microsoft technology. The reliable personnel ensures you get value for money with Microsoft solutions. Our support is always active, so we can assist clients whenever they need us.

Contact us today and let us help your organization leverage Microsoft technologies to achieve your objectives.