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What Should I Ask When Looking For Office 365 Consulting Help?

It is hailed as a modern-day miracle for all companies, especially for small to midsize businesses. It is also said, companies, in every industry, of any size, can now work together, work easier, and worry less, while on the go; all due in part to migrating over to Microsoft Office 365.

Is your business finding that to be true when you made the switch?

For most CEOs and business owners their answer would be yes. With Microsoft Office 365 offering incredibly simple access, easy “pay as you grow” services, and flexible pay-as-you-go pricing options, small to midsize businesses have gained a stronger foothold and competitive advantage in the marketplace, than ever before. Now all industries’ flexibility and predictability needs are met.

But maybe your enterprise has not migrated over to Office 365 yet. You’ve researched online and read many reviews. Everything you’ve seen and heard about; you are more convinced the time has come to move forward and make the switch. But you do have questions about:

  • Pricing
  • Switching over
  • Downtime
  • Employee training
  • Migration start and finish

Or you switched over a while back and are having technical issues where:

  • working easier just got harder
  • working together feels like a separation
  • your worries continue to escalate

What’s a business owner supposed to do in either situation? More importantly, what should you ask when looking for Office 365 Consulting help or what will the consultant ask you when you experience some difficulties accessing your Office 365 account?

There Will Come A Time When All Users Need Office 365 Consulting

As you will come to learn, there are two main reasons you are going to need or work with an Office 365 consultant from a firm very similar to K2 Technologies.

  1. Either your business has not moved over to Microsoft Office 365 yet but is getting ready to so.
  2. Your company has been using Office 365, but you are experiencing more technical difficulties.

To assist you with what to ask or what to expect when questioned, by a Microsoft Office 365 consultant, we have divided the questions into two separate sections for your easy viewing.

The first set of questions are for you to ask. The second set of questions are what the consultant may ask you, and this way you are more prepared when they ask.

10 Inquiring Questions To Ask The Consultant As You Consider Switching Over

Meeting with any Office 365 consultant for the first time might feel a little awkward. But rest assured, it will be a breeze. Below we’ve put together ten inquiring questions to help you think of what to say, or you can use the items below.

  • Have you performed any recent Office 365 migrations recently?
  • Was your client satisfied and may I speak with them?
  • How much-advanced notice will I need before we switch over?
  • How long will the migration process take to move to Office 365?
  • How quickly will the migration and implementation start after my purchase?
  • Will I experience any downtime and if so how long?
  • Will you provide Office 365 training and support to my team?
  • Which product is more cost-effective Microsoft Office or Office 365?
  • What can I expect an average monthly investment for Office 365 will be?
  • What are other cloud services offered by Microsoft that I should consider?

This list is not exhaustive. It is to aid you when putting together your list of questions. By all means, if you have any additional questions to ask, add them to your list.

10 Probing Questions The Consultant May Ask You When Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Like all modern marvels, we’d hope there is never an issue, but all of us have come to expect problems and hiccups along the way. The same applies to Microsoft Office 365. When you speak to a consultant, they usually have fundamental probing questions they will ask you about your situation.

  • Would you describe exactly the problem you’re having?
  • When did the problem begin?
  • Has the problem occurred before?
  • When the problem occurred what was running?
  • In any other application does the problem occur?
  • When the problem started, how long had the system been running?
  • Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
  • Have you had this problem before? If so, when?
  • Do you know if anything changed after the issue started?
  • Do you experience this issue on another computer\device\network?

Not by any means, is this list exhaustive. It’s only meant to give you an idea of the probing questions the consultant may ask you when you have Office 365 problems or system issues. What your consultant is doing is gathering as much information as they can, whereby they can hone-in and address the problem as quickly as they can. Their ultimate goal is to get you back up or regain full access as promptly as they can.

Now you set and ready to go. If you’d like to read more, about Office 365, check out this article: Revolutionize Your Company Schedule with Microsoft Staff Hub, or you can check our blog here!

Published By: Dan King on Date: July 16, 2018
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