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Microsoft Outlook
How to Delay Delivery

You can use the delay delivery function in Microsoft Outlook so you can save time and send your message at a later time or date.

Microsoft Outlook: How to Delay Delivery

If you don’t want to send a message immediately after composing the email, you can use the built-in feature in Microsoft Outlook to delay delivery. The feature allows you to save time by choosing to send the message at a later date.

If you are working on the weekends or evenings, and you don’t want to bother people outside of working hours, you can use delayed delivery to send a message next week. You can take these items off your to-do list by creating a message with delayed delivery. Here is how to delay email delivery in Microsoft Outlook.

For a New Message

Start first by creating a new email message or reply to an existing message. After you have composed your message, click the options tab in the message. Click delay delivery in the more options groups. On the delivery options, click on the box, “do not deliver before” and choose the date and time. Click close. Once you are done, click the send button. The message will be on your outbox until the delivery date

When Replying to a Message

If you want to reply to a message but still be respectful to the working hours of your team members, you can use delay the delivery. To use delay delivery when replying to a message, go to reply. Find the sender options and in the more options group, choose delay delivery. Choose any date and time to deliver the message. You’ll notice that there are other delivery options that you might want to explore.

Once you are done, close the dialog box. Type your message and send it. Your delayed messages will remain in your outbox until the delivery time has passed. You can schedule delay messages as long as you are online or use the Outlook exchange server. You’ll see the message in your outbox waiting to be sent at the appropriate time.

Now you know how to save time by using email delay in Microsoft Outlook. If you need help with IT services, contact us.