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Microsoft Planner: Managing Tasks with Microsoft 365 Applications

Microsoft 365 offers you a variety of tools that will allow you to better work with a wide range of tasks and projects every day.

Microsoft Planner: Managing Tasks with Microsoft 365 Applications

Managing important tasks and projects is a critical step for many workers. Are you using the best possible tools for those tasks? Microsoft 365 offers you a variety of tools that will allow you to better work with a wide range of tasks and projects every day.

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner provides the opportunity to easily and effectively manage a variety of tasks for team members. It allows team members to connect together to manage those vital tasks, including:

  • Creating plans
  • Assigning specific tasks to individuals
  • Chat about your tasks in the same convenient platform, which keeps all the information in one place
  • See charts of your progress and what you need to do next

For teams that need to accomplish large-scale tasks together, Microsoft Planner may offer the best option for task completion.


A list, in Office 365, offers a flexible way to organize your information. Lists are not created by default, but you can create them in SharePoint, Planner, and more. A list offers:

  • A simple way to put together the basic information you need for a specific project or task.
  • A flexible way to arrange information.
  • Easy access to the content you need.

Lists are often most beneficial for personal use, since they may contain less information than other planning solutions. However, lists can also be shared between team members.

To Do

The Microsoft To Do task management application is a simple, easy-to-use application that takes a traditional To Do list to a higher level. It allows you to see your tasks no matter where you are: on your phone, on your computer, or on a tablet or other device. To Do lists can be shared between team members, allowing you to easily cross off items as you work together to achieve your goals. To Do lists also make it easier to monitor everything that you need to get done on a specific project.

Tasks in Teams

The Tasks option in Microsoft Teams can help you bring together To Do lists from a variety of applications, including planner and To Do, in one location. It’s designed to offer a cohesive task management platform that makes it easy for team members to keep up with the tasks ahead of them, including what individuals within the team may already have accomplished and what still needs to be done before you take on the next item on your list. You can also:

  • Set up notifications that let you know when tasks are added or completed.
  • Create a plan that will help your team move through those tasks effectively.
  • Edit multiple tasks in list view so that you can take care of many things at once.

Tasks in Outlook

Outlook tasks make it easy for you assign actions that need to be taken with specific outlook items, often messages or contacts. Once you assign a task, you can view it regularly as you interact with a specific contact or deal with a specific message. Tasks in Outlook are usually personal, rather than something that you share with the members of your team; however, you can choose to share those tasks over your larger platforms in order to complete them more efficiently.

Microsoft 365 offers multiple strategies and tools that can help you manage the tasks you need to take care of every day. Are you using the right one for your needs? Are you taking full advantage of all of those features? If you want to learn more about the specific tools that will best benefit you as you manage your daily tasks, contact us to learn more about the tools that are available to you.