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Microsoft Teams: Simplify Communications with Polls

Do you need to survey your team about something without the hassle? Microsoft Teams is the solution for your communication needs.

Microsoft Teams: Simplify Communications with Polls

Have you ever needed to survey your entire team or understand company-wide opinion on a particular subject? It can be difficult to keep track of these types of responses via email or in conversations. Instead, use Microsoft Teams to streamline your surveys.

You can gather information from many people at once simply and clearly by creating a poll with Microsoft Forms. Forms will allow you to create and post a poll easily in Microsoft Teams.


In Microsoft Teams, navigate to the channel in which you would like to host your poll. From the Start a New Conversation section, choose the more option (the three-dot icon) and click Forms. First, type the question for your poll. Then, add your answer options. Use the “+ Add option” button to add more than the default two answers. Use the “Multiple answers” toggle to allow team members to choose only one answer or multiple poll answers in your poll. You may decide whether results will be shared automatically after voting. By default, this option is already chosen. You can also decide whether the results will be kept anonymous. By default, results are not anonymous.

Choose next to preview the poll and see how it will appear in your post. From here you may edit the poll further or click send to post your poll in Microsoft Teams.

Finally, we recommend using “@ Mentions” to call attention to your poll. This will make sure your colleagues see the post and that the poll will be completed on time.

Team members will be able to respond to your poll directly in Microsoft Teams. And you’ll be able to collect responses in real-time.

Simplify your communications by making use of polls in Microsoft Teams. For more IT services and consulting to support you with Microsoft technologies, please contact us.