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If you use Office 365 for more than one use and/or have several Office 365 accounts for your company, you may be confused as to which account you’re in. Office 365 gives you 2 easy tools to ensure that you are in the right account when you log in, so you never have to worry.

Office 365 Portal Admin Settings

It’s easy to add your own personalization to each account to differentiate them from each other in your Office 365 Portal admin settings. Upload an identifiable image to show up in the background of your login screen. You should also add your company logo to this section to appear in the white pop-up box that comes up after you enter your email address. Once you’ve uploaded these images, you can check them by logging in to the account.

Identifying Your Office 365 Account at Login

The first screen you see on Office 365 has the Microsoft logo in the central white pop-up box. After entering your email address, a second screen comes up with your personalized background image and a central white pop-up box with your company logo asking for your password. These are the images that you uploaded in the admin settings section of Office 365. You know that you are in the correct account if these two images match what you entered for that account. If not, you probably entered the wrong email or made another error. Just go back to the first screen to make the correction, and you will see your correct personalized images on the second password screen.

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Published By: Dan King on Date: January 23, 2019
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