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7 Reasons Oil & Gas Drilling Companies Are Migrating To Microsoft Office 365

For over 30 years Cyclone Drilling, Inc. has taken pride in providing their clients with rigs that put safety and performance first. They rely on Microsoft solutions to do this. When they needed to upgrade their software, we suggested that they migrate to Microsoft Office 365. They now benefit from all the capabilities it provides.

Need Help Migrating To Microsoft Office 365?

An Oil Drilling Company In Gillette Wyoming Did – So They Contacted K2 Technologies

For over 30 years Cyclone Drilling, Inc. has taken pride in providing their clients with rigs that put safety and performance first. They rely on Microsoft solutions to do this. When they needed to upgrade their software, we suggested that they migrate to Microsoft Office 365. They now benefit from all the capabilities it provides. Here’s their story as relayed by team member Scott Wiley.

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Cyclone Drilling“K2 Technologies has been providing IT Support and Service for Cyclone Drilling for a number of years. We like that K2 is local, and we outsource all of our IT services and support to them rather than hiring an inhouse staff.

They suggested that we migrate to Microsoft Office 365 and provided a smooth migration for us. Compared to IT transitions I’ve been through with other companies, K2’s results were seamless. They did everything we needed them to do.

Migrating to Office 365 has helped us due to its many great features. It’s opened the door to potential improvements in our operations with its connectivity and collaborative capabilities.

We recommend other oil drilling companies and businesses in Wyoming contact K2 Technologies for their IT needs. Whenever there’s an issue, the K2 team is close by to help us both onsite and remotely.”

Why Migrate To Microsoft Office 365 Like Cyclone Drilling Did?

7 Reasons

Microsoft Office 365 can be specially designed to meet your company’s needs for robust security, compliance and agility in a cost-effective, user-friendly environment. No matter the size of your business, your employees can take advantage of the power of the Cloud with Office 365. You’ll increase productivity, enhance collaboration and accelerate responsiveness while working in the secure environment you require.

1. Benefit From Cloud-Based, Cutting-Edge Features

Microsoft Office 365 combines the popular Microsoft Office Desktop Suite with cloud-based, cutting-edge features that will boost collaboration and communication in a secure environment – your employees can be productive from anywhere at any time via the Internet. Some of the solutions it provides include:

With Microsoft Office 365 your drilling company or other type of business can meet requirements and deadlines with:

  • Jobs that are more easily and quickly accomplished with the latest, most agile IT solutions.
  • Data that’s protected from unauthorized/criminal access, or erroneous leaks by users.
  • 24/7 support.

2. You’ll Always Have The Latest Upgrades

Microsoft Office 365 incorporates the newest version of Microsoft Office 2018 with continual upgrades. Your team can take advantage of:

  • Online collaboration using Microsoft PowerPoint and Word.
  • Edit presentations and highlight text in real time as they are read aloud.
  • Enhanced accessibility to PowerPoint Presentations, Word documents, and Excel workbooks.
  • File management enhancements with features such as “Shared With Me” and “Recent” tab and files.
  • State-of-the-art graphics without paying for expensive and complex software.

3. Enjoy Enhanced, Secure Collaboration and Communication Services

Your Microsoft Office 365 includes 24/7-Support. You’ll have access to Microsoft Office online, email and calendars, collaboration through conferencing. Share and store user files in the Cloud with an access-control system keeps data safe and secure at all times.

4. Office 365 Offers Cloud-Based Access and Storage

Storage is another excellent reason to start using Office 365. With unlimited storage, there’s no need to worry about having enough space for data. And, you’ll no longer have to worry about losing a thumb drive containing hours of hard work.

5. Data Control and Security

Office 365 provides a high level of built-in security that keeps your business data secure. With 24-hour remote monitoring and threat management, you can rely on consistent anti-spam and anti-malware protection. With a strong level of safety, you won’t have to worry about customer data being compromised.

6. Email Security

Your email will also be secure. Migrating your email server to the cloud-based Office 365 environment lets you securely move your mailboxes and archives to a protected environment. Office 365 comes with built-in privacy settings that, once enabled, allows you to set the sensitivity of emails to “private.” This ensures that even those people with access to your inbox won’t be able to see these emails unless you want them to.

It also comes with native encryption, end-to-end security, and multi-factor authentication options to secure and protect your email and data so it’s only accessible to you or those you authorize. It offers an email solution with a spam filter, and it provides unlimited storage.

7. Free-Up Time With No Troubleshooting

These are only a few of the reasons why you should consider using Microsoft Office 365 for your drilling company or other business in or around Gillette or Jackson Wyoming. We can explain many more reasons why it can provide the security, mobility, accessibility, reliability and productivity you need to compete and succeed.

K2 Technologies offers Microsoft Office 365 for a monthly subscription that includes a lifetime of automatic Office 365 Software Updates. This frees your staff from tedious troubleshooting, so they can devote their time to your more mission-critical responsibilities.

Let the K² Technologies team help you migrate to Microsoft Office 365

Using Microsoft Office 365 isn’t difficult but migrating to it can be. The process can be particularly challenging if you want to retain some aspects of your on-premises environments while moving the rest to Office 365. Our migration specialists can handle all the details for you and provide a smooth and seamless transition just like we did for Cyclone Drilling. For more information, contact our Office 365 migration specialists in Gillette or Jackson, Wyoming.

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