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How To Win Gold With Office 365 and K² Technologies

Trying to find an expert who provides Office 365 consulting in Wyoming will yield in dozens of possible candidates. A Microsoft Gold Partner is your best bet, and you can find the list of top choices here.

Trying to find an expert who provides Office 365 consulting in Wyoming will yield in dozens of possible candidates. A Microsoft Gold Partner is your best bet, and you can find the list of top choices here.

It’s time.

Time to take that first step toward your future.

Do you know what the first step is?

If you’re still using the legacy Microsoft Office Suite software from a box, taking up valuable hard drive real estate, it’s time to make a change.

Microsoft knows technology trends – it’s their core business. In reality, Microsoft is one of the main players behind the trends, molding consumer behavior with tempting technology and testing new ideas and new products long before they reach mass production.

For example, Microsoft Word – the go-to for professional office workers today, was introduced in 1983, well before this year’s high school graduating class was born. For more than 30 years, Microsoft Word has remained the primary word processing app for professional documentation, followed closely by Microsoft Excel and the other siblings in the Office Suite product line-up.

The King of the Office

The team over at Microsoft is well aware of their dominant position in the professional workplace and remains on top by providing the user-friendly product consumers rely on, with intuitive tools and applications that integrate with one another.

When email attachments became less welcome with the increased threat of hidden viruses, the cloud – as we know it today – emerged. While the cloud has been around in some form or another since the late 1970’s, the mid-2000’s brought an explosion of cloud file storage options to the masses with Google and Amazon vying for attention from professional decision-makers at Fortune 500 companies and the like. Experimental cloud storage solutions were aimed at early adopters looking to test cloud storage service models, forming the basis of today’s market.

Microsoft entered this arena around the same time, with Office Web Apps, an online version of Microsoft Office and the predecessor to Office Online, and eventually Office 365. Included with Office Web Apps was OneDrive, as an online option for users to store, manage, and share files. By then, Microsoft knew what the rest of us are just now beginning to understand: the cloud is here to stay.

24/7 – 365

To say the workplace is evolving is an epic understatement. Today’s professionals might have an office or a cubicle, or they might wear pajamas and work from the comfort of their own home every single day – or wherever they please! Location is not nearly as important as productivity, and the Internet ensures constant connectivity, removing geographical necessity from the equation. We can safely say web-based Office 365 is an enabler of the movement, for sure.

With Office 365, users have access to the full line-up of Microsoft Office Suite’s productivity apps, including staples like Word and Excel, as well as Outlook – and don’t forget OneDrive, for cloud file storage and sharing. Users are guaranteed easy access to apps and files from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device, eliminating the need for staff to be physically located within commuting distance of an office.

Which came first, Microsoft’s introduction of web-based productivity apps or widespread acceptance of remote teams? While the topic is debatable, one thing is for certain: it’s a lot easier to work remotely with Office 365!

Is your office ready to take the first step?

The Gold Standard

Migrating from desktop-installed software to subscription-based Office 365 web applications has many benefits. Aside from the freed hard drive storage space and the remote access, consider this one: updates are automatic and included. Do you remember having to buy a new box to upgrade from Microsoft Office 2010 to Microsoft Office 2013, and then again in 2016?

Migration to Office 365 with K2 Technologies guarantees several benefits for your team, including:

  • A scalable subscription to mix-and-match plans with per-user rates that can change as you add team members
  • An efficient collaboration platform, with file sharing options like OneDrive
  • Microsoft data centers are among the most secure data centers in the world
  • Free tech support 24/7
  • Direct billing, which means we’ll deal with Microsoft on your behalf so you can focus on your business
  • Perhaps most importantly, guaranteed uptime, all the time

If the concern is a smooth transition to Office 365, or find who provides Office 365 consulting in Wyoming, look to K2 Technologies, your trusted resource for leveraging the power of Office 365 for your business. K2 Technologies isn’t just any partner for this process – K2 Technologies is the gold standard. Not just any consulting firm, K2 Technologies has achieved the highest marks with Microsoft by earning Microsoft Gold Partner status, a designation is only given to those organizations who demonstrate the utmost in quality and customer satisfaction, with the most specialized capability to meet customer needs.

Why is this important?

Because if the three types of designations in the Microsoft Partner Network, Gold is the highest an organization can achieve, with the most benefits available to share with customers to help their businesses grow using Microsoft technologies: the gold standard in IT.

How can K2 Technologies help your success story?

Aside from being the top choice for who provides Office 365 consulting in Wyoming, K2 Technologies has a team of experts with knowledge in a multitude of areas:

  • Managed IT services
    • Save time and resources, and improve productivity and your bottom line by working with a managed IT service provider.
  • Business telephone services
    • Are your telecommunications systems reliable and up to date?
  • Cybersecurity
    • Make sure your network and email are secure with ironclad protection.
  • Strategic consulting
    • Our team of experts works to understand your business and your needs to make sure you have the right technology in place and to align your budget with your infrastructure for a long-term success strategy
  • Data back-up and business continuity services
    • Avoid downtime or catastrophic data loss with consistent data backup service.
  • And more!

Office 365 has over 60 million active users each month – more proof the cloud is here to stay. Don’t wait until your computer is out of memory, or you lose files stored on your hard drive when it crashes.

Make the move to Office 365 and the cloud today with Microsoft Gold Partner K2 Technologies. We literally wrote the book on Office 365 – download our free eBook today!