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How Much Thought Have You Given To Trying Outsourced IT Services?

Information Technology has become a key component of every business, it can be the enabler of greater competitiveness and efficiency that allows your business to grow and outpace the competition. However, many businesses don’t have a pro-growth IT strategy in place or the specialized IT staff to maximize the benefits of their IT infrastructure and applications.

If you want to take full advantage of your technology spending and you don’t have the in-house resources to properly design and implement a strategic IT plan, partnering with an experienced service outsourced IT services provider like K² Technologies is worth some consideration.

Wouldn’t you like someone to take the IT headaches and hassles off your plate and provide you with an IT system that just WORKS?

K² Technologies specializes in helping businesses in the Wyoming area address their IT needs efficiently and within budget.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple really…

You just transfer some or all of your IT tasks and operations to K² Technologies.

In doing so, you can optimize your IT operations while reducing IT support costs at the same time.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the benefits that outsourcing your IT services will deliver for your business.

6 Benefits of Outsourced IT Services

Want to leverage the expertise of an experienced IT service provider, get IT support off of your plate, and enable your team to work without technology-related disruption? There are even more benefits to outsourcing your IT support. Check them out.

  • Reduced Cost:

The IT Services industry is highly competitive, so the great companies out there provide high-quality services, employ highly trained and specialized professionals, and offer competitive rates to their customers.  By serving multiples customers IT services providers can leverage economies of scale and provide customers with service plans that are cheaper than having their own internal IT staff.

Because IT outsourcing contracts are based on a fixed monthly rate, it makes it easier for businesses to budget and control their IT spending. This is different than having your own IT staff. Internal IT staff cost you money for training, turnover, vacations, sick days, and payroll.

Outsourcing represents an opportunity for businesses to improve their IT operations and reduce their costs. They can usually get a better solution and a better prepared IT staff for a reduced price compared to the traditional in-house technical support team.

A Security incident can be very expensive for your business. It is estimated that a security breach can cost small and medium-sized business an average of $117,000.  New trends like Bring Your Own Device, (employees are allowed to bring their own tablets, laptops, and cell-phones to the workplace and access corporate network and systems with those devices) increases the risks associated with security breaches. Poorly implemented wireless networks are also a common security exposure among small and mid-size businesses.

An experienced IT Service Provider can design, implement and run an effective security plan that includes a robust disaster recovery and backup strategy to ensure your business and data is safe.

  • Improved Business Focus

By having the support of an outsourced IT service provider that can take care of your IT needs, you can:

  • Focus on your core business
  • Dedicate more time and resources to innovate and improve your services
  • Work without IT-related distraction and downtime
  • Get the most out of your IT spending


  • Improved Availability

Your IT services and applications are critical for running your business.

Implementing a highly available, resilient IT infrastructure can be very complex. Why? Because it often involves installing redundant servers and network devices over geographically distributed data centers to ensure service and the continuity of your Wyoming business in case of natural disasters.

By proactively monitoring your systems to avoid any service interruption, an outsourced IT team will deliver the high IT availability your employees need – keeping your system up and running with near-zero downtime.

  • Proven Expertise:

IT service providers usually serve multiple customers over several industries, so chances are that they have already served a company with similar requirements. Having said that, it’s important to quiz prospective IT support teams to be sure that they understand your internal processes and industry standards. This expertise will help you solve your IT problems faster.

  • Best Practices in a Box:

IT service providers are driven to stay on top of the latest IT management trends and to implement methodologies and best practices that ensure consistency in the services they provide. What does this mean for you? Your business will operate with the highest IT standards and proven practices without having to incur in the cost and training associated with implementing these methodologies internally.

The K² Technologies Advantage

When you partner with K² Technologies our friendly staff and experienced technicians, we will become your strategic IT partner and provide you with:

  • Comprehensive IT Solutions

It doesn’t matter how simple or complex your requirement is. Whether it be a single PC repair or a complex network configuration, K² Technologies experts will take care of it and provide you with an outstanding solution at a competitive price.

  • Expedited Service

K² Technologies highly trained and friendly staff will manage your requests promptly and diligently, ensuring that you get a quick, friendly, and satisfactory response.

  • Experienced Staff

K² Technologies technicians are experts in Information Technology!  Our technicians have the training to do the work and hold Microsoft Certifications – ensuring that they have the skills to operate at the highest levels.

  • Transparent Pricing

K² Technologies will help you simplify and optimize your IT spending. We offer a simple, single rate with clearly documented tickets, resolutions, and invoices.

Want to learn more about K2 Technologies and outsourced IT support? We’ve got lots more information for you HERE.


Published By: Dan King on Date: June 24, 2018
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