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6 Facts and Benefits When Outsourcing Your IT Department In Gillette or Jackson, Wyoming

Every once in a while, an unseen diamond drops in your lap. It could be a new sales lead from an unknown source. A big account is calling you, wanting your services exclusively. A business colleague slips up, and spills the beans about their company, outsourcing their entire IT Department to a firm in Gillette, Wyoming.

Every once in a while, an unseen diamond drops in your lap. It could be a new sales lead from an unknown source. A big account is calling you, wanting your services exclusively. A business colleague slips up, and spills the beans about their company, outsourcing their entire IT Department to a firm in Gillette, Wyoming.

When asked why their company outsourced their entire IT department in Wyoming, your business friend would only say, “research K² Technologies the facts and benefits are there.”

As cryptic as his response was, you set out to research.

In the past, you had heard about outsourcing your IT department in Wyoming, from other business associates. But you had more questions and concerns. Maybe some apprehension about handing over your entire IT department to a third-party.

So, you’ve held off. Then hearing a recommendation about K² Technologies in Gillette and Jackson, Wyoming, from a close friend you trust, got you curious and a little more interested this time. As you dug around, you uncovered unknown facts and favorable benefits, no one had told you before. This information got you rethinking your whole IT business model.

There were pros and cons of course, but the facts and promising long-term benefits for you, your clients, your staff and your overall business operations, would allow you to move forward with expansion and trimming off wasteful spending finally.

A Few of the Facts and Long-Term Benefits That Caught Your Eye

Fact – Human Error

Along with the FBI, IBM revealed in a May 2017 Huffington Post article, 95 percent of all security incidents involve human error. Cybersecurity professionals confirm human failure is the most prominent weakness in cybersecurity.

Benefit – Outsourced IT Security Intervention

With an Outsourced IT Security team, individuals using company-issued equipment like cell phones, tablets and laptops will intervein. With around the clock tracking and monitoring, the security team will catch any human errors, and prevent them from inviting an unknown stranger into your system.

Fact – Sluggish Productivity

When a company’s IT system goes down, productivity, from the staff, drops immediately. There is no warning. They don’t see it coming. There is no workaround. They are stalled.

Benefit – Outsourced IT Monitoring and Real-Time Tracking

A fully functional and operational system hums along due to a hands-on outsourced IT firm. Your staff is not interrupted. They are free to perform their regular duties. Any interruptions do not fall on their shoulders to identify and fix.

Fact – Costly Downtime

Virtually every IT system failure that leads to expensive downtime was preventable.

Benefit – Outsourced IT Consulting

The first step identifies and solves system issues before they cripple your business. A managed IT service consultant will assess the overall performance. Security of your IT infrastructure is also studied, and if problems exist, then specific products and services are recommended to solve any problems.

Fact – In-House IT Department’s Square Inch Rule

Every square inch of office space, showroom floor, and IT department perimeter equals a dollar value you must spend on rent, a lease or a mortgage. In return, that same square inch rule must return income above your investment to make a profit.

Benefit – Outsourced IT Creates Inventory Free Space

In your business, right now, how many spare monitors, keyboards, computers, and laptops, are not in use, taking up valuable square inch space, and not returning income above your investment?

With an organized outsourced IT staff, your inventory is now under strict control. You will know exactly:

  • What inventory is on hand and functioning
  • What equipment needs to be retired
  • What IT stock can be recycled and sold
  • When a piece of equipment needs replacing, then your IT provider will do it immediately
  • What fully functioning devices will be permitted to comply with square inch rule

Fact – Hiring Qualified IT Employees and Continuous Training

Your company will spend weeks, maybe months, searching for qualified IT employees. Once hired, there is the initial training, then the ongoing education. Hopefully, your recruit performs up to your expectations and doesn’t quit after the training and seek employment elsewhere.

Benefit – Outsourced IT Professionals Seek Ongoing Certifications

IT professionals have a vested interest in staying current and on the cutting-edge. On day one, you are only working with vetted industry professionals. Outsourced IT Departments invest heavily in ongoing training and certifications. They too must remain compliant with government laws and regulations.

Fact – Unexpected Business Changes

In your business world, the marketplace is always changing. It could be new governmental regulations one day, security issues in the company the next day, or technologies that improve at the drop of a hat. With these unexpected changes, your business and investment will always face a percentage of unforeseen risk.

Benefit – Outsourced IT Departments Reduce Your Risks

Outsourcing IT providers assume and manage much of this risk for you. Their specific industry knowledge, especially with security and compliance issues, they are equipped with deciding how to eliminate or reduce your risk.

You Will Have Total Confidence in our Outsourced IT Team in Wyoming

K² Technologies in Gillette and Jackson, Wyoming has solved every possible problem that your business could face. The scope of their experience exceeds most in-house IT departments, and why they are called in for fast and direct solutions to most IT problems.

Outsourcing your IT department in Wyoming is so much more than just a third-party commitment. The caliber of that commitment determines the variety of benefits your business will use. Choosing between hiring an in-house technology staff and outsourcing your IT department can be difficult. Think about these six facts and long-term benefits when outsourcing your IT department in Wyoming.