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Microsoft PowerPoint
How to Hide and Unhide Slides

You can hide and unhide slides in your PowerPoint presentation, but they'll still be a part of your file. Learn how to do it here.

PowerPoint: How to Hide and Unhide Slides

You can hide or unhide slides during a PowerPoint presentation, but they’ll remain part of the file. Here’s how to go about it.

Hide or unhide PowerPoint slides

To hide slides in PowerPoint, you can work from the normal view or the slides order view. Do one of the following to hide or unhide a slide. To hide a slide, right-click on it and then left-click to hide the slide.

You can also find the option under the slide show. Click on the slide show, and you’ll find the hide slide option. You’ll notice a hidden slide from a diagonal slash through the slide number. From the slide number, you’ll also notice that the view of the slide is dimmed.

If you want to hide multiple slides, you have to select them individually or pick the first one, hold shift, and the last slide. You can right-click and then left-click to hide the slide. When you hide a slide, it remains in the presentation file and sequence even though it’s hidden when you run the presentation a slideshow.

Navigating hidden slides

One way to navigate to a hidden slide while the slideshow is running is to simply type the slide number and hit enter. You have to know the number of slides you want to move to. So you need to have a handy number print out of your slides. You can do that by printing out a handout or by creating a simple manual cheat sheet. In the drop-down by default, it’ll also print hidden slides.

The hidden slides will be excluded from your printouts if that’s your preference. Another technique to move to a hidden slide is to right-click on any slide while delivering your slideshow and then pick see all slides. You can also bring up the list during a slideshow by pressing Ctrl + S.

The hidden slides are grayed out and once again diagonal slash is shown through that slide number. It’s good to know that under most presentation setups the audience will also see the slide list from the menu, but this is a much better option than escaping out of your presentation to try and find that slide. You can simply move to the slide that you want and you can unhide a slide, right-click or pick it from the slideshow tab.

You’ve seen how to save time and effort in PowerPoint by hiding slides in a presentation. How can we help you to be more productive? Please reach out to us for IT services and consulting to support you with Microsoft technologies. We look forward to working with you. Contact us.