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Quick Navigation With Favorite Folders in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook streamlines, tasks, calendars, emails, contacts, and much more. You can use Outlook's tips and tricks to boost your productivity in Outlook.

Quick Navigation With Favorite Folders in Microsoft Outlook

As a business owner, time is important. Luckily, you can save time by using Microsoft Outlook. If you don’t know how to take advantage of the tips and tricks, it becomes cumbersome to use Microsoft outlook. It, therefore, becomes crucial to take advantage of the features Outlook offers.

Microsoft Outlook streamlines, tasks, calendars, emails, contacts, and much more. You can use Outlook’s tips and tricks to boost your productivity in Outlook. One of them is quick navigation with favorite folders. You can save time when working with Microsoft outlook by using favorite folders.

If there is a folder that contains an email you want to go back to, it takes time to go back to it. It’ll take several clicks to get to that folder. You can take advantage of favorites in Outlook to move to a folder quickly.

You can organize your email into different folders. Using folders in your email will make your work a lot easier. You won’t have to spend hours searching through your email. Favorite folders help you keep track of important folders and separate them from other folders. The folders are easy to get to since they are above the navigation.

To view your folders, you have to be in the mail view in Outlook. Using the favorites gives different folders visibility for folders that go unnoticed. You’ll also move quickly to a folder and save time. You’ll save time by monitoring the activity in your inbox. The good thing about favorites is that all you have to do is simply click and drag and move messages to the folders. Here is how you can save time in Outlook by using the favorites folder.

Adding folders

You’ll find the favorites folders above the navigation. There are three options you can use to add a folder to your favorites. The options are:

  • You can drag the folder to your favorites.
  • Choose the folder you want to add to your favorites, right-click on it, and add to your favorites.
  • You can also look at the folder tab in the ribbon and you’ll see the option add to favorites.

Rearranging the folder order

The favorites are just shortcuts, which means you can rearrange them. When you add a folder to your favorites, it’ll appear at the bottom of the list. You can rearrange the folder by dragging it to the new position. Once you have added the folder to favorites, you can rearrange the order by doing the following:

  • Drag and drop the folder to the desired position
  • Right-click the folder and use the move down or move up options.

Removing folders

If you no longer need a particular folder, you can simply remove it from the favorites. For instance, if you have wrapped up a project, you can easily remove it. Simply right-click on it and remove it from favorites. Removing the folder will not delete the content of the folder. It only removes the shortcut in favorites.

Once you begin using your favorite folders, it’ll end up being too long. You can avoid that by removing the folders you no longer use frequently. There are two ways of removing folders.

  • Right-click on the folder and choose the remove from favorites option
  • Select the folder you want to remove and click on folders and then the add to favorites button to deselect the folder.

Microsoft Outlook is an excellent tool that allows you to save time. Using favorite folders, you’ll save more time. If you have more questions about how to use Microsoft Outlook, reach out to us. Our IT professionals will help you with all your Outlook needs. If you need any IT solutions, contact us today.