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How to Use Read Aloud to Save Time

Reading your emails takes time, but you can save a lot of time thanks to Microsoft Outlook's Read Aloud feature. Here's how to use it.

How to Use Read Aloud to Save Time

There are many ways Microsoft Outlook allows you to save time. One of them is by using the Read Aloud feature. Read Aloud allows you to hear the text of an email while following along. With Read Aloud, you save time since you don’t have to read every email word by word. Here is how to save time by using Read Aloud to review your emails.

Enabling the feature

The first thing you have to do is enable the feature. Go to File, then Options, and then select Ease of Access. On Application Display Options, click on the Show Read Aloud box.

Select the message

The next thing you have to do is select the message that you want to use with Read Aloud. In the message tab, go to Read Aloud. Once you click on Read Aloud, you’ll hear your email being read aloud. There is an easy-to-use toolbar where you can choose play, pause, move ahead, or move back to the beginning. If you want to start the Read Aloud from a specific location, what you do is go to that word and choose play. You can also use the toolbar to change the settings. One of the settings you can change is adjusting the reading speed. You can move it up and you can also choose different voices if you want.

That’s it. An easy way to use Read Aloud on your emails. All you need to do is click on read aloud and you are done. You don’t have to spend minutes reading your email when you can use Read Aloud. Now you know how to save time and effort in Outlook by using Read Aloud. We can help you be more productive, reach out to us for IT services and consulting. We look forward to working with you. contact us.