You Can See The Difference! – K² Technologies Provides Reliable And Responsive IT Services For Local Optometry Clinic

When asked how they decided to go with K² Technologies the answer was clear. After 30 days of bad service with their previous IT company, Carol called Dan King at K².

Gillette Optometric Clinic, based in Gillette, Wyoming, has been an important part of the community since 1969. Over the course of the last forty plus years, they’ve seen a lot of changes. One of the most significant is the transition from using paper files to using electronic files. It’s their mission at Gillette to provide the best eye care services possible, using only the most advanced, state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and eye care products available. In order to do so, they needed the most advanced IT team to help. Enter K2 Technologies, the oldest and most trusted full-service IT company in northeast Wyoming.

The Situation:

Bad Service Affected Business for 30 Days

According to Carol Lanich of Gillette Optometric,

“With the medical field in this day in age, everything has to be sent electronically for security purposes. The old way of paper is going away. With our size of office, we had no choice but to go electronic. It’s so extremely important”.

Monitoring their company to keep them up and running was priority one; however, with K² they received so much more than that. K² gave them a complete bundle of IT care that includes security, consulting, mobile, and backup solutions.

“We had a different IT company before K², but we had problems with them,” says Lanich. “Our server crashed and when they rebuilt it, it was never really fine-tuned. It was always glitchy and we had network issues. This went on for 30 days.”

The Solution:

Switch IT Companies and Let K² Save the Day

When asked how they decided to go with K2 Technologies, the answer was clear. After 30 days of bad service with their previous IT company, Carol called Dan King at K².

“Our system was working within an hour of talking to Dan, and he had them running better than ever,” says Lanich. “It’s impressive that Dan is also so proactive and wants to monitor things to make sure it doesn’t get to the point where you’re down.”

The Outcome

Happily Ever After

No more server problems for Gillette Optometric. They’ve found their happily ever after with K². Ms. Lanich is extremely happy with their partnership and would easily recommend them to other businesses. Gillette trusts K², and that is the ultimate goal for Dan King and K²: to build trust.