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Top-Notch Ways Of Using Hide White Space In Microsoft Word

Formatting an essential document in Microsoft word might be challenging. Editing, adjusting, removing graphics and other changes create blank spaces.

Top-Notch Ways Of Using Hide White Space In Microsoft Word

Formatting an essential document in Microsoft word might be challenging. Editing, adjusting, removing graphics and other changes create blank spaces. However, some parts are easily manageable since you need to click on the backspace button, and you are all done.

The primary significance of the document with less spacing is that it improves readability for the reader. The reading flow becomes easy because of the minor blank space breaks that show the end of a thought. Having a wide spacing increases the time to read the document and the number of pages required for printing purposes. Therefore, reducing your copy is essential to saving your resources. In addition, documents with less spacing become eco-friendly when printed and give a good appearance to the document.

How Do You Show Or Hide White Space In Microsoft Word Documents?

It is possible to hide and even show white space on the top or bottom in a Microsoft word document. When you hide the whitespace, it is impossible to view headers, footers, shelter, and bottom margins in a print layout. In addition, the grey space that appears on top and bottom of the pages will disappear. To show or hide spaces between words, click on show/Hide ¶ on the Home tab.

It is important to note that the print layout view is a default view in Microsoft Word, and you can click on the view tab and select print layout. By default, a Microsoft word document’s margin is perfectly set at the top and bottom of the pages and is easy to change on the layout tab. Headers and footers appear in both top and bottom margin areas, and when the whitespace is not appearing, headers and footers may look as if they are missing.

How to Show or Hide White Space Using Shortcut

The process is quite simple

  • Place the cursor at the top of the document
  • Move the pointer in the grey region below the ruler and let it turn to the up and down arrow.
  • You will get a message telling you to double click to either show or hide white space.
  • Double click, and you are all done.

Showing and hiding white space continues in a new document you create. Hiding the white space affects it and the entire part of the header and footer, including watermarks.  Saving and closing the paper ensures that the setting remains unchanged in the document. Hiding the white space does not affect page breaks appearing on the record. However, when printing the document, footers and headers print despite the white space even if they appear as if they are not appearing.

How to Show or Hide White Space Using Dialog Box

The process is also simple:

a.    Open Microsoft word document
b.    Click on the File tab
c.    Select options, and a dialog box will appear
d.    Find Display in the categories
e.    On the correct plane, check shows whitespace given print layout
a.    Click okay

However, the feature is not apparent and can cause problems to users if areas in their documents are missing.

Removing Blank Lines in Microsoft Word

It is easy to hide the white space on the top or bottom of every page to reduce the grey space. However, the grey area will not have any effect since the white space option controls it perfectly between the pages. Selecting white space between page option words maintains the new document and the current document.

Direct blank lines are somehow easy to remove; however, the document size affects tracing the blank lines. Therefore, the availability of several blank lines in an extensive document tracing process takes quite some time and is more intensive. Going through several pages is not tedious, but going through many pages is essential to conduct the process in a streamlined way.

Start on the top of your paper; scanning it slowly in every paragraph until you determine the blank lines, which require formatting. Place the cursor at the start of the line below the space. Ensure that you place it correctly at the beginning of the text. Click on the backspace on the keyboard to remove the single area. In the case of double-spacing, continue clicking on the backspace until everything is okay. It is important to note that the cleared space affects the formatting down in the document and when sections are on a new title on a new page, removing the areas pulls the heading upwards to the earlier page. Ensure you are keen on every header that requires some changes while scrolling down your document.

How to Use the Replace Function

Large documents are easy to format via replace function that removes unwanted spaces via a single process. It offers custom control, including eliminating all areas while leaving a break between paragraphs. The procedure is relatively easy to understand and apply.

i.    Open Microsoft word document
ii.    Click on the Home tab in the primary toolbar.
iii.    Locate editing group and click replace, which will open a new dialogue
iv.    Click on replace and select more
v.    Select paragraph mark option
vi.    Go to find what section
vii.    Go to replace all

It removes all the blank lines in the whole document when you click on it.

How to Work Effectively With Page Breaks

The show and hide white space feature is vital, especially on long documents with page breaks. To insert a page break to move the text to another page, click on Ctrl and Enter or choose Insert tab in the ribbon and continue picking Page break. It will enable you to trace the white space easily when zooming in the document while scrolling down through your paper.

Double click to show the white space makes it simple to go through a long record. It is simple to adjust the spacing of the paragraphs in Microsoft Word. While formatting APA, double-spacing the paper is essential; it is successfully achievable via line spacing.

The above are effective ways that you can use to hide white space in Microsoft Word. K2Technologies gives quality Microsoft solutions to organizations in the United States. By partnering with K² Technologies, you will get the best services and consultations on Microsoft technology. Reach out to us today for a quality solution worth experiencing.