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Windows 10 Themes Customization Tips and Tricks

Add more personality to your Windows desktop. Follow these easy steps to customize Windows 10 themes. Discover helpful tips and computer services in Wyoming.

In today’s digitally driven world, everything seems to be customized. From the administrative icon that you select when you log into your work computer, to the number of folders that you have listed on your desktop, customization is key to an enjoyable technological experience. Fortunately, with a bit of professional guidance from the computer support experts at K2 Technologies, personalizing your laptop or desktop to meet your unique needs no longer has to be a challenging or frustrating task. In fact, thanks to Microsoft’s new Windows 10 themes, customizing your desktop background just became significantly easier.


How To Customize Windows 10 Themes

If you have already installed the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows 10, then you will notice that there are now a large number of readily available themes. These themes are easy to download, install, and use to customize your desktop to meet your needs. In fact, customizing your Windows 10 themes has never been an easier or more enjoyable distraction from other work tasks. Through the following eight steps, you can easily personalize the Windows 10 themes as many times as you want.

  1. Go to your desktop.
  2. Right click on your desktop and choose personalize.
  3. Once you have selected, “personalize,” go to themes.
  4. Inside of the themes tab, you can select “get more themes” from the store.
  5. All of the themes from the store will open up.
  6. Once the store’s themes have opened, you can scroll to select the new theme that you want to use. Keep in mind that the themes are from both Microsoft and other sources.
  7. After clicking on the “get theme” button, the theme will automatically download.
  8. After the theme has downloaded, click “apply,” or simply go back to the “themes tab,” where you will see all of your available themes. Once you have selected the theme, it will automatically be used as your desktop background.

View This Helpful Video To Learn More

If you are visually learner, then feel free to check out the K2 Technologies latest video on Windows 10 Themes. This helpful how-to guide will walk you through the above eight steps, so that you can easily customize your Windows 10 themes on your laptop or desktop computer.

K2 Technologies provides computer services in Wyoming to various sized businesses and recently started an on-going series called Tuesday’s Tech Tip. In addition to the Windows 10 Themes video, other helpful topics include, Windows Screen Snip, Microsoft OneDrive features, Phishing scams and what to look out for, a Lenovo hardware review, and many other useful tips and tricks to getting the most out of your business technologies. To discover expert computer support in Wyoming, or to learn other helpful technology tips, contact a member of the K2 Technologies team today.