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Make it Easy to Work From Home with Microsoft Office 365

Putting together a plan for remote work is part of a robust business continuity strategy. Do you have the right tools and training in place to help your remote team stay productive?  

Make it Easy to Work From Home with Microsoft Office 365

Putting together a plan for remote work is part of a robust business continuity strategy. Do you have the right tools and training in place to help your remote team stay productive?  

Companies everywhere are seeing the value associated with providing remote workers with the tools and technology needed to be productive when they are away from their home office. Finding the right talent to drive organizational growth no longer requires expensive relocations or “making do” with the individuals that are available in your local market. As collaboration and productivity software improves dramatically, remote work solutions are becoming a more attractive option for companies of all sizes. Fortunately, Microsoft Office 365 offers a full range of solutions that will help ensure your staff members are working securely and communicating effectively regardless of their physical location.

Working from home with Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Empowers Remote Workers

The Microsoft Office 365 for Business suite includes everything that workers will need to stay productive when they’re on the road or working remotely: word processing, data analysis, presentation, collaboration and storage solutions. Each platform seamlessly works together when correctly configured, allowing staff members to simply go about their daily tasks without worrying about the technology solutions working hard behind the scenes. Whether your staff members are away occasionally or you are shifting your entire workforce to a remote structure, here are a few of the solutions that Microsoft Office 365 offers to maintain high levels of efficiency and accuracy in your daily work.

  • Creating an active link starts with Microsoft Teams, where co-workers can securely communicate. This quick line of communication not only allows for a formal conference or video call but also provides a means to keep teams together with easy activities and engaging interaction.
  • Secure collaboration is vital when teams are not able to access a centralized whiteboard or conference room. With Microsoft Office 365, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents can be edited together to create a new form of collaboration that speeds a shared understanding of your business goals and objectives.
  • When your staff needs to work away from their primary laptop or desktop, they can easily make small edits or even major changes on mobile versions of the key Office 365 software: Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. All changes are saved immediately and safely — so work can resume from a separate device in the future.
  • With Microsoft Office 365, there’s no IT downtime associated with upgrades or software patches. Your staff always has access to the latest functionality and security available within their software platforms. All that hard work happens behind the scenes, without pulling your IT team’s attention away from important initiatives.

Boost Security with Microsoft Enforced Authentication

One of the key challenges for IT professionals is ensuring that remote workers are employing adequate security to protect the organization and their personal information. With the addition of VPN and other software solutions, Microsoft also offers advanced user identity and sign-in security across the full Microsoft Office 365 suite and other Microsoft cloud applications such as Azure. Multi-factor authentication is employed by Microsoft to ensure that OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint are all offering secure access to shared resources, while you can easily manage the access level of individuals and teams from a centralized location. When you’re using Microsoft Outlook and Teams for communication, the files that are shared with others are automatically added to security levels, helping reduce the possibility that sensitive documents are shared with external parties without proper levels of authorization. All of this is added to the additional security options that are included with Microsoft Office 365 to prevent data leakage and cyberattacks.

Working with the professionals at K² Technologies for your Microsoft Office 365 upgrade or migration helps ensure that you are taking full advantage of the robust suite of security and control options that are available from Microsoft. As a key Microsoft Partner, K² Technologies is well-versed in implementing controls and automation that will improve the functionality of Microsoft platforms for your business as well as boost security levels without compromising functionality for your users. Contact the Microsoft experts at K² Technologies at (307) 209-3447 or via email to [email protected] to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.