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I Need Reliable Lenovo Support – What Are My Options?

As a champion of desktop real estate in the professional world, it’s hard to find an office without a Lenovo product. With such a prominent place at work – and in briefcases on the road - what do you do when you need help?

As a champion of desktop real estate in the professional world, it’s hard to find an office without a Lenovo product. With such a prominent place at work – and in briefcases on the road – what do you do when you need help?

As the top PC manufacturer in the world, Lenovo has dominated the PC market for the better part of a decade. Since 2004, Lenovo has targeted the top spot in the market, even acquiring IBM’s Personal Computer Division shortly after, in 2005. Successfully overtaking HP as the industry leader in 2013, and acquiring both Google’s Motorola Mobility and IBM’s x86 server technology in 2014, it’s no shock the global leader is a significant player in the technology world. To help paint a clear picture of Lenovo’s dominance, their 2017 gross profit was in the $6 billion range with a well-defined growth strategy.

If you have Lenovo technology, you’re a member of a massive club, representing nearly 1 in 4 PC owners, nearly one-quarter of the total personal computing market. With so many machines in the market, maintenance is a crucial – and profitable – the business model for IT firms that can support Lenovo technology. While IT providers are clamoring for the top spot in the support realm, how can you find the right provider for your needs?

Find Your Fit

Lenovo technology falls into four business areas of concentration:

  • PC, including devices like tablets
  • Mobile, including smartphones
  • Data Center, focusing on servers and cloud-based technology
  • New technologies

Chances are your technology falls into one of the first three categories. Matching the IT support firm that specializes in the category or categories for which you need support is the first step:

  • Personal computers (PCs) like Lenovo ThinkPads or ThinkCentres
    • Think-branded PCs and hybrid devices, like the ThinkPad, represent the shifting trend toward mobility, modeled after a Japanese lunchbox.
    • This line-up also includes the convertible tablets like the ThinkPad Helix, incorporating both a touchscreen LCD display and a thin, lightweight keyboard
  • Smartphones with Google’s Android operating system (OS) like the Moto by Lenovo product line announced in 2016
  • Servers like Lenovo’s ThinkServer

The full product family is designed to work together seamlessly and integrate with stability, with the overall goal of changing the way we work, play, and live.

The Future

IT firms supporting Lenovo technology focus on high-growth areas, like cloud solutions and artificial intelligence. These technologies focus on forward-thinking segments, including:

  • Cloud services
  • Data center infrastructures
  • Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a focus of Lenovo’s future efforts, and future office technology will depend on these intertwined systems.

What’s Right For You?

Aside from desktop and laptop computing support, your office infrastructure is equally important. Consider an IT support organization that is also a managed IT services provider (MSP), that also offers:

  • Strategic consulting
    • Are you thinking ahead? Are your systems and solutions ready for your future?
  • Data back-up and business continuity solutions
    • Are you prepared in the event your data is corrupted or becomes inaccessible? Are you prepared with a contingency plan to minimize downtime and overall impact?
  • Cloud services
    • More companies are choosing cloud-based storage solutions for good reasons:
      • Flexible and scalable: Use what you need, pay for what you use, change as needed
      • Save money: Cloud storage solutions take advantage of economy of scale, with providers utilizing massive data centers for multiple clients
      • Save space: Don’t dedicate real estate to costly machines that could be used for other revenue-generating purposes
    • IT security
      • MSPs often employ security experts and offer remote monitoring services to guarantee safeguards and protections above and beyond what internal resources can provide – you have to sleep at some point!

Given the continually evolving nature of technology, if the office devices you use include a variety of the Lenovo product line-up, it’s wise to focus your IT support search on firms that feature intensive levels of support to make sure you get the right fit.

The added benefit of using an MSP and taking advantage of additional services is the extra levels of protection.  MSPs like K2 Technologies choose to align with brands like Lenovo for the strength and stability, but also for the same reasons that make the brand such a popular choice among users and a leader in the PC market.

Reliability You Can Count On

While the PC market as a whole was stagnant for more than six years, Lenovo posted continuous growth in every quarter since 2010. That’s a reliable brand with which you want to work!

IT support firms and MSPs who offer Lenovo support recognize this reliability and match it with knowledge and talent at the ready for all areas of technology.

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